Kiran Bedi relieved from the post of Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry . ''This is a victory for the people"- CM Narayanasamy!

Kiran Bedi has been relieved of the post of Deputy Governor of Pondicherry. The Union government has ordered the release of Kiran Bedi, the former deputy governor of Pondicherry, and his replacement as the governor of Telangana, Tamizhai Soundarajan. The announcement has been happily celebrated by Congress and its allies since yesterday.

Regarding this, Chief Minister Narayanasamy said to the reporters, “Kiran Bedi, who took over as the Deputy Governor of Pondicherry in 2016, has been acting according to his rules for only 6 months. After that, he continued to disrespect the people of Pondicherry and disrespect their feelings and was an obstacle to the development of Pondicherry.

Kiran Bedi ignored me and the ministers pointing it out many times. He continued to usurp the power of the people and their promise. His action was also encouraged by the central Narendra Modi government. For the past four and a half years, the Puducherry Rajnivas has functioned like the BJP headquarters. He did what the BJP said and did.

He was prevented from fulfilling all the public welfare schemes. The governor returned all of the files sent to the House asking for permission for those projects. We staged several protests on behalf of our secular coalition condemning his activities. As a result, the Narendra Modi government, realizing that our demand was justified, fired Kiran Bedi from here. 
This is a victory for the people and multi-stage struggles. Whoever snatches away the rights of the people of Pondicherry will be expelled. We welcome such a stop,"