In a latest drift between farmers, Center finds a strong arm to unfold its outreach!

Amid no sign of backing off the protests and with the incessant impasse between the farmers and Center, the Central government is preparing to unfold what would become yet another attempt of outreach in its bid to mitigate the protests as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to interact with the farmers from six states on Friday during which he would defend the farm reforms. 

The unprecedented protests from the farmers in Delhi are going on nearly for a month with thousands of peasants from several parts of the nation have gathered in the national capital with their collective demand of repealing the three farm laws that were introduced by the Central government earlier in September. The farmers have been intensifying their agitations after the failure of several episodes of talks with the Center as the government has been upholding its rhetoric of going ahead with the farm laws. 

The protesting farmers' unions had on Wednesday stated that the Central government must come up with an open mind and with a concrete proposal for resuming the talks. As the deadlock continues,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to unveil his next episode of outreach to reach out and interact with the farmers of six states on Friday. Earlier this month, he had interacted with the farmers of Madhya Pradesh during which he blamed the opposition for misleading the farmers, and with folded hands, he appealed to the farmers to come for talks.

On Friday, the Prime Minister would be reiterating his call of going ahead with the reforms, and during the virtual meeting, according to reports, the farmers would be sharing their experience on various initiatives taken by the Union government. On Wednesday, the farmer leaders had demanded the Center to come up with an open mind towards resuming talks and the reports say that the sixth round of talks on December 9 was canceled following a deadlock with the farmer unions, as they had shown no sign of backing off from the protests until their demand of abrogating the farm laws is met. 

Earlier in the day, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the government will continue with reforms in the agriculture sector as it has been committed to strengthening the sector. By citing that the resolution can be reached only through dialogue, Tomar said that regardless of how old and strong the protest is, the end and the solution to a protest are reached only through dialogue. Tomar further added that he is hopeful that the farmers will come for dialogue and the Union Minister said that the government is ready for the second round of talks with the farmers if they give a date and time. 

On the other hand, the farmers from Uttar Pradesh are getting ready for their march in Delhi not against the reforms but in support of the farm laws. Farmer union Kisan Sena said thousands of its members from Western Uttar Pradesh will march to Delhi today in support of the Center's new agriculture laws. According to reports, the march will have members joining from the districts like Agra, Mathura, Hathras, Firozabad, and from Meerut and Muzaffarnagar in western UP. 

The union said that it wants to meet the Union Agriculture Minister to inform him that the ongoing protests in Delhi by the unions from Punjab and Haryana do not represent farmers of all India and other states like Uttar Pradesh. The latest development had captured the emergence of the drift within the farmers as the chain of their collective call for repealing the farm laws would be broken as thousands of farmers from Uttar Pradesh had come in support for the farm laws, arming the Modi-led government to go ahead with the farm reforms and its outreach. 

While the protesting farmers had expressed their fear that these three laws would be threatening the grounds of the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system and would bring in the corporates and private sectors into the agricultural sector, the Center had claimed that these bills would bring farmers better opportunities and pump in new technologies in agriculture.