"Let's keep fighting!" O Panneerselvam at the first press briefing after the striking Supreme Court's ruling

(This article is authored by Alar)

After the Supreme Court affirmed the Madras High Court division bench's order allowing Edappadi Palanisamy (EPS) to continue as the party's interim general secretary, on Thursday, O. Panneerselvam along with Vaithilingam, Manoj Pandiyan and Panruti Ramachandran addressed the media in Chennai today on Friday. He stated that they will petition the populace for justice.

"Our question is whether there is a post of coordinator, co-coordinator elected by the core members or not", they pointed out. "No one has the authority to revoke the resolution that the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is the Permanent General Secretary. This verdict is not a setback for us. We will continue to fight until a favourable outcome is achieved in the dharma war. We are no one's "B" team; Edappadi Palaniswami's party is merely the "A to Z" team for the DMK "OPS said.

Lawyer Thirumaran added," The general committee will not meet for the sole purpose of making a decision, but will instead meet to conduct party operations. If the resolutions are permitted to establish means, parts 35 and 38 of the Supreme Court's decision would be completely irrelevant. Is therefore clearly stated in both sections. He asserted, "It is evident that the resolutions have not yet been implemented."

Panrutti Ramachandran, who spoke after him, said, "The ruling suggests that the Supreme Court evaded its responsibilities. In yesterday's decision, the pending issue remained unresolved. Our argument is that it was wrong to call the general body together without the convenor's signature. They have stated that it is acceptable to convene a general assembly without deciding in advance what must be decided and without revealing the decision. Whether or not the General Assembly was properly instituted depends on who signed the summons and called the meeting. "After listening to our arguments for five days, they have not decided what to settle" he said.

Furtherly OPS commented, "We will reapply to the High Court. EPS has stated that they will not include me and Sasikala in AIDMK. Edappadi Palaniswami is at the height of his arrogance, but AIADMK workers will subdue him.  The tour will begin imminently. We will request justice and fairness district by district.  When we meet people, we reveal numerous secrets that held for long. Now let's proceed where we wish to obtain the verdict. I will meet Sasikala as soon as possible," he said.