Major shock to senior DMK Minister Duraimurugan...Why he was banned from visiting Dubai?

Hours after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has landed in Chennai from Dubai, senior DMK Minister Duraimurugan was about to leave for Dubai on a personal trip. However, his trip was cancelled as he was blocked at Chennai Airport. He was shocked after the airport authorities didn't permit him to board the flight and he had eventually returned home. 

On the inquiry about what has happened, it has been reported that he was banned by the airport authorities due to a discrepancy in his visa. According to our sources, MK Stalin has landed in Chennai in the wee hours of Tuesday - March 29 and several DMK Ministers including Duraimurugan had arrived at the airport and welcomed the Chief Minister. 

Hours after welcoming the Chief Minister, Duraimurugan has come to the airport again in the morning hours of Tuesday as he was scheduled to travel to Dubai on a personal visit. He has booked a ticket on Emirates airlines. His tour was planned in a way that he will directly reach New Delhi from Dubai on April 2 to accompany Chief Minister MK Stalin during the latter's Delhi visit. 

Duraimurugan has entered the airport and while the immigration officials had checked his passport, they informed the minister that he can't be permitted to travel to Dubai. Shocked about the sudden setback, Duraimurugan has asked the officials why he can't be permitted for which the officials told him that there is a discrepancy in his visa due to which he was banned from travelling to Dubai. 

As he was banned as per the protocol, Duraimurugan took back his passport, left the airport, and returned home. He looked tensed and slammed his secretaries for failing to fix the discrepancy. After the issue with the visa came to light, efforts were taken by Duraimurugan to fix it. Our sources say that the discrepancy will be cleared in a day or two after which Duraimurugan will leave Chennai for Dubai.