Mansoor Ali Khan says his apology to Trisha was a joke... Here's what happened

(This article is authored by Alar)

Mansoor Ali Khan who recently stirred up a controversy by making a sexist remark on his co-star Trisha, has now claimed that his apology was a joke and he never meant to say sorry. The actor, who played the brief role in the movie ‘Leo’, had earlier apologized to Trisha for his disrespectful and inappropriate comments.

However, in a recent interview, he revealed that his apology was a result of a misunderstanding between him and his public relations manager. According to Mansoor Ali Khan, he had called his PR manager over the phone and said “Maranithuvidu” (kill me), but it was misheard as “Mannithuvidu” (forgive me).

The controversy stemmed when Mansoor, who played a brief role in Vijay's last release ‘Leo’, said that he did not share screen space with Trisha, the heroine of the film. He also made some crude, inappropriate and misogynistic remarks about her.

The video clip sparked outrage among Trisha’s fans and other film personalities who slammed Mansoor Ali Khan for his disrespectful and inappropriate comments. Trisha herself took to social media and expressed her anger and disappointment over his remarks. 

The 61-year-old actor also has already reportedly decided to file defamation suits on November 27th against Trisha, Khushbu, Chiranjeevi and others who condemned his remarks, claimed that the video clip was edited and manipulated to malign his image.