A mystery that only Dhanush can reveal...'Maaran' review!

Yes, the reason why Dhanush picked up such a bland script is a mystery. If you have watched Maaran, you would be joined by thousands with a single question - What made him, being at a peak, chose the project and if you didn't find a proper or interesting storyline, you are not alone. As fans and cinema lovers, we have enjoyed Dhanush in his previous movies in which he had successfully emerged as an actor par excellence. He was even received well in his last OTT release Atrangi Re.

For the fans who settled down to watch Maaran, they had missed what they thought of a Dhanush movie. Within some minutes into the movie, it has given a shocking surprise that it didn't touch the scale of expectations and was made as an extension of the outdated and stereotyped movies that are available plenty in the store of Tamil cinema. Where Maaran has gone wrong? Let's review...

Former Minister Samuthirakani is plotting a conspiracy in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) to win the by-election. Dhanush, as an honest journalist, finds the plot and exposes it to the public. Later, Dhanush's sister Smruthi Venkat was kidnapped and burnt alive. Dhanush develops suspicion over Samuthirakani for his sister's death and takes up the case for investigation. The rest of the movie revolves around whether Dhanush has found out the real culprit. 

The movie came directly to the hands of the audiences through Disney+ Hotstar and with the expectations as Maaran was directed by Karthick Naren, who had presented some thrillers like Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru and Mafia. But, his captaincy in Maaran has collapsed by scripting out such an outdated story and it remains suspense on how he got the story okayed by Dhanush and Maaran is the first Tamil movie for the actor after receiving the national award. 

The director has tried to present a typical brother-sister storyline but it has eventually become one of the cons of the movie. The movie runs in search of interesting events and twists but finally, it runs out of the mind. Disappointment would be one of the takeaways from the movie as neither fans nor audiences expect such a bland movie from the promising artists of Dhanush and Karthick Naren. Sadly, for the fans, the performance of Dhanush didn't win all hearts either. 

Dhanush has turned heads in some of the previous movies that had created a major impact on our society. However, Maaran is far away from joining the club of such movies and it also has tested the patience of the audience. Malavika Mohanan has played the female lead in the movie but her role didn't fix the flawed script. The role of Smruthi Venkat has explicitly exhibited that it was made artificial as the brother-sister bonding had lacked with the natural ingredients. 

Samuthirakani has done what he is asked for and while the director tried to place a twist in the movie by roping in director Ameer, his attempt has ultimately flopped. Actors Ramki and Aadukalam Naren had done well in the shaky storyline. GV Prakash Kumar has composed the music and his background score was a treat for ears in some places while the cameras of Vivekanand Santhosham had done justice. 

Overall, Maaran has disgruntled the fans and audience and earned gloomy remarks. On the other hand, Dhanush wasn't active on social media about the movie. His Twitter page shows only two tweets about the movie in over one year - the one being the first look and the second being the tweet that he made on Friday during the release of Maaran. He wrote, "Maaran is now yours!!." Maaran has gone wrong from the story and screenplay and it is the only movie in recent times where Dhanush posed to be passive. He hasn't publicly spoken about the movie so it remains a mystery why he has chosen this script. It is obvious that only he can reveal the answer.