No more waiting for Rajini! - Kamal's decision

In the political track dominated by the decades-old Dravidian parties, months-old politician Kamal Haasan has been mulling to cement a separate lane for him to finish the race successfully to prove him as the replacement of the Dravidian parties in the upcoming assembly polls. 

For Kamal Haasan, he has been shaping his Makkal Needhi Maiam as a full-fledged and matured political party that is fit for electoral politics and as the legislative election is fast-approaching, the actor turned politician has been preparing to cement the lane swiftly to compete strongly against the Dravidian parties. The upcoming polls would be the first legislative polls for Kamal Haasan since he entered politics. 

When the Dravidian parties in the state have still been finding a perfect platform to cover the masses at the same time due to the ban of political events and processions in the state owing to the COVID-19 restrictions, Kamal Haasan, in a way, had perfectly found a platform to speak directly to the people - Big Boss. The Big Boss event is the first and larger stage for Kamal Haasan as a politician and he has been hosting the show for the past four years. 

As he has currently been hosting the fourth season of the game show, he has also been ensuring that he would no way loosen his grip in framing the strategies for the party for the upcoming polls. One factor that gives Kamal Haasan hope for the legislative elections is the 3% voter share that his party got in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. He strongly eyes to carry forward the same voter share without any shatter to the legislative polls. 

Recently, on October 16, Makkal Needhi Maiam had convened its executive committee meeting in Chennai which was attended by Kamal Haasan and senior party leaders. In what has become the crucial meet for the party to frame the strategies, the meeting has lasted for two hours during which the party had adopted important resolutions to hit the campaign track. 

While addressing the reporters, party's deputy president Mahendran said that the party has adopted the resolutions of naming Kamal Haasan as its Chief Ministerial candidate and the executive committee has given authority to Kamal Haasan to decide the party's stand on the alliance during the assembly polls. Armed with big authorities, Kamal Haasan is getting ready for the race to reserving his lane as a perfect change for the Dravidian parties.

According to our sources, Kamal Haasan had spoken for about an hour and thirty minutes at the meeting and when asked the senior leaders, they say that the young voters and centrists are hoping to have new faces to take the reign apart from both the ruling and opposition Dravidian parties. The executive committee meeting had also discussed the prospects of contesting independently without an alliance. 

The meeting has also analyzed the possibilities of an alliance comprised of the activists and the movements that are seeking for a change through which the party can draw the votes from the dissented ADMK and DMK voters and from young people. Following the discussions about the alliance, the executive committee had given authority to Kamal Haasan on deciding about the alliance. Apart from these subjects, the meeting also had a space for discussing about Rajini's political entry. 

Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have been close friends for many decades and in the albeit of difference in beliefs, they observe close ties between each other and it was earlier speculated that they would form an alliance and would contest the 2021 assembly polls. However, when Kamal Haasan won the race in entering politics, Rajinikanth is still waiting for the revolution. As the superstar has shown no signal for his political entry, Kamal Haasan has signaled that he would contest independently.

Speaking at the executive committee meeting, Kamal Haasan said that it has been debated on whether Rajini will enter the politics and there has been news that the Makkal Needhi Maiam will form an alliance with Rajini. The actor turned politician said his party is neither waiting for Rajini nor for anyone and pressed that his party won't wait and doesn't need anyone, including Rajini. Kamal Haasan asked the leaders to concentrate on taking and upkeeping the party works and strategies. 

Kamal Haasan cited that no one can win this election easily as the people are well-aware of contemporary politics. He said that his party is not against ADMK or DMK but against corruption. People think that they need independence from the ADMK and DMK and called the senior leaders that the party must use this election to give legal and honest politics to the people. Kamal's assertion of not waiting for Rajini has become crucial as his MNM would become a potential front in the upcoming polls. In his new decision, Kamal has prepared to build a new and independent lane on the heated political track by leaving behind his close friend Rajinikanth.