One farmer dies as Delhi braces unrest with heated clashes between police and farmers!

Amid the dreadful scenes that have been emerging from New Delhi with the nation witnessing a clash between the Delhi police and protesting farmers, one protester has died due to the violence in the national capital during the Republic Day tractor rally on Tuesday, which the farmers unfolded on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day. 

According to reports, a protester has died near Delhi's ITO Metro station after what was supposed to the Tractor Rally eventually stirred the unrest in the city with the nation shockingly witnessing the clash between the police and the peasants. The protestor had died due to an accident. The incident took place near the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg where the tractor was seen stumbled on the road. 

The protesting farmer who died was said to have been on the tractor that met with an accident. The unrest has displayed violent scenes and clashes to the nation with the Delhi police had performed lathi-charge and used tear gas to restrict the farmers for what they claim as a breach of the order. While the Delhi police had refused to give permission for the Tractor Rally, the department had then given the consent for the farmers to carry out the rally only in the prescribed routes after the conclusion of the Republic Day parade. 

The Delhi Police allowed the farmers to the rally with the order that the rally shouldn't enter Central Delhi. In wake of Republic Day and large-scale farmers' protests, thousands of police were deployed in and around Delhi to monitor the movement of the Tractors Rally. While the farmers are asked to go for the rally on the prescribed routes, they had, however, driven towards Central Delhi by braving the policemen and security measures. According to reports, groups of protesting farmers broke into police barricades on Tuesday morning to enter Central Delhi.

With peasants changing the prescribed routes and breaking the barricades and the police blocking them to enter Central Delhi, the clash has erupted as violence after the law enforcement agency used tear gas and lathi-charged them to restrict them from entering Central Delhi. Following the Republic Day parade, Delhi has been under unrest over the heated violence between the police and farmers. Thousands of farmers had arrived in Delhi with their tractors to carry out the rally. 

The violence, which shocked the nation, has been unfolding appalling events. As Delhi has been facing unrest, the government has closed all the metro stations temporarily and deployed more security forces to contain the overwhelming amount of farmers. In the wake of the Tractor Rally, thousands of farmers had arrived in Delhi with their tractors and they began the rally on Tuesday with the motive of demanding the Center to repeal the farm laws. 

While the farmers were ordered to conduct the rally in specific routes, they had on Tuesday broken the barricades to enter Central Delhi following which the clashes between the police and farmers erupt which made Delhi look like a war zone. Police had fired tear gas shells at hundreds of farmers in their efforts to move towards Rajpath. In the violence, the police had killed a protesting farmer and the Ministry of Home Affairs had ordered to suspend the communications till Tuesday night.