Pakistani bullets in Tamil Nadu -Kerala border!

Kulathupuzha forest road in Kerala, which lies about twenty kilometers from the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, has recently presented shock for two passersby Joshi and Ajeez who passed through the road during which they spotted the mysterious parcel.

They stopped and untied the parcel to find out what has it got. To their surprise, it has jolted them as the parcel was filled with dozens of bullets with Pakistan seals on it and along with the bullets, the parcel also had a receipt of the electricity bill that was paid in Tenkasi. The passersby had informed the Anti Terror squad of Kerala. After the incident was reported, the spot was stormed by the officials from the National Investigative Agency (NIA), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Kerala Intelligence department.

The authorities sieving the spot where the parcel was spotted in Kerala


The parcel tied with the Pakistani made bullets had shocked the investigative agencies as this incident was first of its kind. Earlier, there were episodes of recovering pro-Pakistan posters and terrorist diaries but this time, it was something different and importantly, they have recovered something threatening. Our sources say that upon examining twelve bullets, the agencies observed that the bullets had the seal of 'P.O.F' and '1980-1982 made'. The authorities stated that P.O.F stands for Pakistan Ordnance Factories. These recovered bullets have been in the model that it would be used in the AK-47 machine gun and these bullets have largely used in long-range shootings.

The sources stated that these bullets would be handled mostly by the Army and the striking forces and the parcel of such kind of bullets on the forest road had baffled the investigative agencies. Despite that, the Anti-terrorist squad of Kerala hasn't turned back. Anoop Kuruvilla, the DIG of Anti-terrorist squad has strengthened the probe into what it could lead to locating the suspects.

The authorities during the on-spot investigations


The incident has reported nearly months after the members of the terror outfit had killed Tamil Nadu Special Sub Inspector Wilson while he was on duty in Kaliyakkavillai check post bordering Kerala. The sources say that exactly five days after Wilson's death, the Kerala police had detained five people in Kaliyakkavillai under suspicious and after the interrogations, the suspects have been handed over to Tamil Nadu police. Of these five, the police had booked one of them under the UAPA act while others were booked under various sections. The authorities have stated that this parcel could have been thrown by the miscreants after the arrest of five people.

While the Anti-terrorist squad had strong confirmation that the parcel could have left by the people who have a connection with Wilson's murder, the authorities have been skeptical on why they have left the parcel on forest road making it visible to the passersby. The authorities have larger anticipations that the parcel could have been placed with the motive of instigating the furore and uncertainty across Kerala. These anticipations have history, the sources say. In 2015-16, the areas like Mysore, Chittoor, Kollam, Mallapuram had witnessed the bomb blasts near the courts. Upon investigating the blasts, the authorities had recovered the diary of Jaish-e-Mohammed in which the outfit described the bombings as their warning. 

(L-R) Anoop Kuruvilla and Kerala DGP Loknath Behera - File photo


Likewise, DIG Anoop believes that the parcel of bullets could have been a warning from such outfits. The authorities had located the person under whom the electricity bill was paid. Along with the bullets, the parcel also had this electricity bill and the detained person was identified as Maitheen and the police had taken him under their custody for the interrogations. Maitheen has confessed that he is a native of Tenkasi and settled in Kulathupuzha with his family and he owns poultry farms in Kulathupuzha, Tenkasi, and Tirunelveli. He has paid the electricity bill for his poultry farm in Tenkasi and that bill was in the parcel. Maitheen further stated that the lorry driver could have thrown the receipt on the road. 

Our sources reveal that Kerala DGP Loknath Behera has been working with his Tamil Nadu and Karnataka counterparts and he views that these bullets would have brought to the country from overseas. The Anti-Terrorist Squad chief divulged that the agency would at any cost locate and detain the suspects.