The party should come to power: Ramadoss gives a fresh order to PMK cadres!

Veteran politician and PMK founder Dr Ramadoss has given a fresh order to the party cadres and functionaries to work with the mission of bringing back the party to power in the Union Territory of Puducherry. He reminisced how the party had faced setbacks in the territory and what needs to be done to revive stronger. 

Ramadoss was addressing the party's event that was held in Moratandi, Puducherry and the event was participated by several party functionaries and cadres including the party's president GK Mani. During speaking at the event, Ramadoss said, "I have developed the party in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yenam during the early days of Puducherry. However, it saddens me that we neither could come to the power nor could win a single seat independently. Our efforts have gone vain."

He said that the party functionaries haven't worked for the party to win at least four to five seats. He noted that the cadres didn't work well for the development of the party. He said, "There were efforts to kill me. But I escaped with the help of security. The party should get revived in Puducherry and it should come to power. For that, we have to get at least six assembly seats and I am announcing a reshuffle of functionaries in the party." 

"After the change, we have to get two MLAs from Karaikal and four MLAs from Puducherry", he added. Ramadoss had issued a fresh order to the cadres to conduct door-to-door campaigns and social media campaigns in Puducherry to strengthen the party. As per the intra-party change, former Lok Sabha MP from Dindivanam, Dhanraj has been appointed as the Chief of PMK's Political advisory body in Puducherry. 

Dhanraj has served previously as PMK's organizer in Puducherry. PMK functionary Ganapathi, the native of Manaveli in Puducherry, has now been appointed as the PMK's organizer. Furthermore, Ramadoss has also appointed PMK cadres Vadiveli, Durai, Mathiyalagan, and Prabakaran as members of the party's political advisory body.