Periyar's language spoken by Bose Venkat on the big screen!

The current age directors of Tamil Nadu have been permeating with the audacity of speaking about the prevailing societal issues unlike tapping up the usual genres of love, romance, and crime. Directors like Gopi Nainar - who exposed the apathy of the borewell deaths through his movie Aramm, Mari Selvaraj - who spoke about the caste indifferences through his movie Pariyerum Perumal, Chezhiyan - who perfectly captured the pain and struggle of a family which lives in a rented house, and Athiyan Athirai - whose movie Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu was made based on the true events from World War II are some of the recent testaments of how the new age directors explore themselves towards personally connecting with the audience. 

In line with these directors, Bose Venkat, a familiar name in Tamil Cinema has now become a director after making a debut through the movie Kanni Maadam in which he went into the circle of honor killings and how the casteism overrules humanity and how it leads to killing the own heirs. Kanni Maadam strongly pressed the fact that the fathers who uphold caste than the affection on their children are still living in Tamil Nadu and this movie is yet another example of how caste and honor killings vandalize the lives of many in the state. 

The father, who belongs to the upper caste, refuses to allow his daughter to marry the son of MLA as the MLA belongs to the lower caste. But, his daughter has fallen in love with another man who belongs to the lower caste and the couple gets married after fleeing away from their families and their marriage and the caste prompts the tensions between the families. The daughter's mother attempts to kill herself and gone to a coma while the father, who upholds the caste than his daughter, goes to jail after killing his daughter and her husband, who belongs to the lower caste. After the family was collapsed, their only son Anbu, who is the actor of the movie, moves to Chennai and becomes an auto driver. Unlike his father, he upholds humanity than caste and he becomes a member of Periyar Auto Stand.

                 (L-R) Bose Venkat and Actor Anbu


During that time, the wealthiest teenager who belongs to the upper caste in Madurai comes to Chennai after he marries the woman of the lower and oppressed community. Anbu aides them and amid the tensions, this couple spends their days happily. Unfortunately, the upper caste husband of Madurai dies in an accident leaving his wife of oppressed caste alone and Anbu offers her morally and ethical support but the society sees Anbu as her husband. Anbu's father comes out of the prison in the parole and his disease of casteism still prevails in him. After he comes out of jail, the caste incites him to kill his own son Anbu and the woman of the lower caste and the movie ends by highlighting that the caste would put humanity into the drainage.

After many struggles, Bose Venkat has become a director and he has used the prospect of speaking progressive and Periyar's ideology and he has gained attention after presenting the story that attracted the audience.