Rainfall in Tamil Nadu - Death toll increases, so do the uproar!

The state of Tamil Nadu has been showering with the heavy downpour in most of the districts for the past few days that had poured in more uproar among the people and despite the precautionary mechanisms installed by the state government, the death toll has been increasing as most of the parts were submerged by the rainwater. 

A woman walks on the water stagnated road in Chennai - Photo: Reuters


The state government has officially stated that about 25 people have died until Monday, including 17 people who were died in Mettupalayam in the wee hours of Monday morning. By having been reported with tragic incidents, the state Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami had, on Monday, reviewed the monsoon preparedness in the state where state's revenue commissioner Radhakrishnan updated the state cabinet through the presentation on the precautionary mechanisms that have put in place across the state to tackle the calamities.

          A street inundated by the rain water in Chennai 


While the state has been recorded with 25 deaths, about eight people have been injured due to rain-related incidents and nearly 1,300 huts and 460 rooftop houses have been destroyed and devastated by heavy rains. The reports say that the state government has reserved the spaces in 4,500 schools and over 100 colleges in the state to accommodate the people who have been left stranded and got displaced from their houses due to water inundation and stagnation. In line with that, about 2,400 community and wedding halls have also been prepared to host the people as a temporary rescue and rehabilitation camps.

The reports have stated that the government has dispatched about 1000 personnel from the State Disaster Relief Force and over 4,100  people trained by the SDRF and the NDRF to the affected and vulnerable areas of the state while about 6,600 personnel were shipped across Chennai as the city and its suburbs have been reported with unprecedented water stagnation.

A Collapsed wall and its debris in Mettupalayam that had killed 17 people in the wee hours of Monday


On the other hand, the premises of the Government Hospital in Mettupalayam had hosted an untoward and series of violent scenes where the relatives of 17 deceased people in Mettupalayam, along with the pro-Dalit organizations have staged protests in the hospital with the view of demanding justice for the victims who were died after the wall was alleged collapsed on them in the wee hours of Monday due to heavy downpour.

The police dispersing the protesters at the Mettupalayam government hospital


The protesters were seen raising slogans and demanded the government to provide compensation of Rs 25 lakh to each deceased, a government job for the family members of the deceased and urged the police to detain the landlord of the property who raised the compound wall. The reports have cited that the relatives had camped in the hospital and refused to receive the bodies until their demands were met following which the police department had countered the protests and arrested about 25 persons for igniting the unrest and they have been booked under the grounds of unlawful assembly (Section 143 of IPC), wrongful restraint (Section 341), assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty (Section 353) and criminal intimidation (Section 506(2)).

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