Rajinikanth's new tension!

On-screen superstar Rajinikanth has been standing on the heated grounds after the series of his controversial statements that kept the spotlight around the actor than how it has been on the screens. While, on one hand, he has directly been criticized by the state opposition parties over his recent comments on Dravidian stalwart Periyar and on CAA, on the other hand, he has been facing back to back tensions that erupt from his movies.

Rajinikanth addressing the reporters about CAA in Chennai - Feb 5, 2020 - ANI Photo


Recently, although his fans enjoyed his last movie 'Darbar', dozens of film distributors have stormed against the actor demanding him to compensate the losses they incurred after distributing Darbar. The movie has carried some of the biggest stars in the crew - Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Yogibabu and it was produced by Lyca productions while A.R.Murugadoss directed the movie. Our sources say that the distributors who got the rights of distributing the movie across Tamil Nadu had reported with the loss of Rs 25 crore.

Before approaching Rajinikanth, these distributors had rallied to Lyca productions and urged the company to settle their losses. By denying their claims, Lyca has said that the group had given the rights with the minimum guarantee and stated that the production company is not entitled to remedy the loss as per the contract signed between them. Lyca has claimed that the movie has banked around Rs 150 crore in the first four days after which the income has become unstable. The company further stated that it had paid Rs 100 crore for Rajinikanth as remuneration while Murugadoss was awarded Rs 30 crore and the group has asked the distributors to approach Rajini and Murugadoss for getting compensation.

Distributors of Darbar movie demanding a compensation


Upon their direction, the distributors went to meet Murugadoss but they were stopped by the director's staff in his office after which the distributors approached Rajinikanth as the actor has already compensated the distributors during the losses of his movies 'Baba', 'Kuselan', and 'Lingaa'. They weren't allowed by the security forces who were deployed at Rajini's residence for his security after he was threatened by some of the outfits over his controversial remarks about Periyar. After facing odd responses, the distributors marched towards Rajini's Raghavendra hall where they met with the actor's closest aide Sudhakar and they moved their petition to him regarding the compensation.

However, our sources have stated that he refused to accept the petition following which the distributors again stormed to Murugadoss's residence in Chennai. After knowing the developments, Murugadoss's staff had informed the police after which the police personnel barricaded the march of the distributors. After the incident, Murugadoss had moved his petition to the Madras High Court to seek the protection for him, his office, and his residence by citing that he was threatened and intimidated by the distributors. After hearing his plea, the high court had directed the police to file its response.

(L-R) A.R.Murugadoss and Rajinikanth in Darbar movie set.


On the other hand, the people close to the developments said that it's unfair that the distributors have been cornering Rajinikanth and Murugadoss for getting compensation and stated that Lyca can ask the duo to yield a certain amount from their salary. Some have been skeptical about whether the issue has politics as the distributors had met with director Bharathirajaa, who has been one of the strongest critics against Rajinikanth and his political entry. While Rajinikanth has been trying to getting rid of the tensions, Tamil Nadu Minister of Information and Publicity Kadambur Raju has asserted that the government would stand with the distributors.