A rare history: This state turns heads by electing a woman manual scavenger as a Deputy Mayor!

The state of Bihar has scripted a rare history by electing a woman manual scavenger as a Deputy Mayor, thanks to the voters of Gaya for making it possible. The woman, named Chinta Devi, was elected to the office through the recently-held municipal polls. 

Chinta Devi has previously worked as a vegetable seller and as a sanitation worker. The voters' verdict of electing Chinta Devi has turned heads from across the nation when the community of manual scavengers has been living in a plight and it is not the first time that Gaya is setting such a history as in 1996, a similar milestone was set through the election of Bhagwati Devi. 

Bhagwati Devi belonged to a highly marginalized musahar community in Bihar and she was working as a stone crusher. Bhagwati Devi was elected to the Lok Sabha from the Gaya constituency in 1996 from Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal (United). Nearly three decades after sending Bhagwati Devi to people's house, Gaya has for yet another time written a new history by sending Chinta Devi to the office of the Deputy Mayor. 

The voters in Gaya celebrate the victory of Chinta Devi and she has a backing from various office bearers. Former Deputy Mayor Mohan Srivastava had backed Chinta Devi and said that she has created history by winning the election. He further said that the people of Gaya support the downtrodden community and work to take the backward people forward in society. 

Gaya's Mayor-elect Ganesh Paswan has stated Chinta Devi's victory as historic and that the voters have set an example. Paswan said, "Gaya is such a place where people seek enlightment and it is also the place from where a musahar woman can go to the Lok Sabha. This time, the people here have set an example, probably for the entire world, by electing Chinta Devi who used to carry human feces on her head as a sanitation staff when there were few toilets here. This is historic."