"Regime-like behaviour has no place in a party" Panneerselvam Says After Jury Verdict

(This article is authored by Alar)

The General Council meeting on July 11 has been declared invalid by the High Court, along with the election of Edappadi K. Palaniswami to the position of interim General Secretary. Justice Jayachandran further ruled that the General Council meeting must be called with 15 days' notice and must take place within 30 days of a request from one-fifth of the GC members. Kindred to the verdict,  Panneerselvam paid his respects at the Jayalalithaa and MGR memorials at Marina Beach and his factions celebrated the court decision by setting off firecrackers at his home. Then he gave a media interview, during which he made clear that the party would be pleased to have anyone join him.

He said "In the extraordinary situation that was created a few months ago, the court rendered an excellent decision that is historically significant. This decision gave us a complete victory. We'll be happy to have anyone come forward and join us. Wishes made by the AIADMK cadre were granted. The decision of the High Court will be respected, and we will act accordingly. The volunteer movement will not be split, despite anyone's attempts. Regime-like behavior has no place in a party. Everyone needs to come together, and party defectors must come back. There should be induction of ADMK expelled members. Their side and our side are equally important; leadership is about accepting everyone. A leader must have the capacity for sacrifice and endurance."

He further said, "Let's act while remembering the sacrifices MGR and Jayalalithaa made. Jayalalitha founded AIADMK as a movement that no one could defeat; MGR founded it as a movement of volunteers. All future decisions will be made at the volunteers' discretion, so those in charge should be mature enough to take criticism. And we'll honour the High Court's ruling. Just like MGR and Jayalalitha, I'll be the party's leader. The only movement is ADMK. Party cadres won't change, but if the discussion is necessary, OPS & EPS will work together."