Rohini Theatre faces flak for denying entry to tribal family for Pathu Thala show! Here's what happened...

(This article is authored by Alar)

Rohini Theatre, one of the popular cinema halls in Chennai, landed in a controversy on Thursday when the ticket checking staff of the theatre refused to let a tribal family watch the movie Pathu Thala starring Silambarasan. The family, belonged to the Narikurava community, and despite purchasing tickets for the morning show, the family was stopped by theatre staff at the entrance.

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media, resulting in widespread condemnation from fans and celebrities who criticized the theatre for its discriminatory actions. GV Prakash, a music composer, tweeted that it was unacceptable to deny the family entry and that art should be accessible to everyone.

The theatre management later explained that they prohibited the family from entering because they had children under the age of 12, and the film was rated U/A. They added that after the matter was brought to their attention, they permitted the family to watch the movie at the appropriate time to prevent any law and order problems.

Subsequently, Rohini issued a statement clarifying that the tribes were allowed on time for the show after the incident was brought to their notice. In the statement, Rohini's management said, "We have taken note of the situation that has unfolded in our premises today morning before the screening of Pathu Thala Movie.  A few individuals along with their children with valid tickets have sought entry to the cinema to watch 'Pathu Thala' movie. As we know, the movie is censored U/A by the authorities. Children below the age of 12 cannot be permitted to watch any movie that is certified U/A as per the law."

"Our ticket checking staff has denied entry on this basis to the family who had come with children aged 2, 6, 8 and 10. However since the audience gathered turned into a frenzy and took a different perspective of the situation without full understanding, in order to avert any law and order problem and to desensitise the matter, the same family was allowed entry to watch the movie on time."

However, the statement did little to placate the angry public who pointed out that the U/A rating meant that children could watch the movie with parental guidance. They also questioned why the theatre did not verify the children's age before selling them tickets. Many called for an apology from the theatre and urged authorities to take action against them for violating the rights of the tribal community.