Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli: How the fleet of Indian cricketers raced for #IndiaTogether?

Finding prospect to display their patriotism, several Indian celebrities from cricket players to movie stars have been racing up in upholding the hashtag of #IndiaTogether through rebutting and criticizing several international celebrities who had shown their support in favor of Indian farmers who have been protesting for over two months with the demand of repealing the three farm laws. 

Reputed cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma had lined up in support of the government on Wednesday by asserting that Indians know India and they should decide for India. They had used the hashtags #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropoganda that were mentioned by the Ministry of External Affairs in its statement that it released to counter the voices from overseas that came in support of the protesting farmers. 

On Tuesday, international pop singer Rihanna had tweeted a news link of India's order of suspending the communications in the areas in Delhi where farmers are protesting and she asked "why aren't we talking about this?". Her tweet had poured global attention towards the farmers' protest and several notable people from abroad had thanked the pop-singer for extending solidarity to the protesting farmers. Following Rihanna, Climate activist Greta Thunberg, Mia Khalifa, and Lilly Singh had also lent their voices of support for the peasants. 

However, their solidarity wasn't pleased by India and a major number of celebrities had queued up to flay the international faces for intruding into the matter that vested within India. Bollywood star and BJP supporter Kangana Ranaut had reiterated her call that the protesting farmers are terrorists and called Rihanna a fool. A massive scale of right-wing supporters had supported Kangana and slammed Rihanna and others who supported farmers. 

On Wednesday evening, the Ministry of External Affairs had issued a statement in which, without mentioning the names of the foreign celebrities, it said that the protests were being done by a small section of farmers and stated that their supports were neither responsible nor accurate. By citing that India will deal with its own issues, the ministry had released the hashtags of #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropaganda. Ever since the hashtags were released, several celebrities had raced up to use them to display their patriotism.

The fleet of current and veteran cricketers had joined the club of supporting the government. Veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter and said, "India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces can be spectators but not participants. Indians know India and should decide for India. Let's remain united as a nation. #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda". Anil Kumble said, "As the world's largest democracy, India is more than capable of taking her internal issues to amicable solutions. Onwards and upwards. #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda".

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli said, "Let us all stay united in this hour of disagreements. Farmers are an integral part of our country and I'm sure an amicable solution will be found between all parties to bring about peace and move forward together. #IndiaTogether". Rohit Sharma stated, "India has always been stronger when we all stand together, and finding a solution is the need of the hour. Our farmers play an important role in our nation’s well being and I am sure everyone will play their roles to find a solution TOGETHER. #IndiaTogether".

Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri had tweeted, "Agriculture is a very important part of the machinery of the Indian economic system. Farmers are the backbone of any country’s ecosystem. This is an internal matter which I’m sure will be resolved through dialogue. Jai Hind! #IndiaStandsTogether #IndiaAgainstPropoganda". Joining the club, Ajinkya Rahana said, "There’s no issue that cannot be resolved if we stand together as one. Let’s remain united and work towards resolving our internal issues #IndiaTogether". 

However, in their campaign of supporting the government and in their complete show of patriotism, the fleet of Indian cricketers had apparently forgotten to say that protesting farmers are Indian farmers and not terrorists as claimed by Bollywood star and BJP supporter Kangana Ranaut. No cricketer had commented on Ranaut's stand of calling farmers terrorists. Thousands of farmers have been protesting in Delhi for over two months with their demand of repealing the farm laws passed by the government which they fear would dismantle the grounds of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and pump in the private players into the agricultural sector.