Santhanam and Jai Bhim: How the controversial comedian invited trouble and trolls?

Santhanam, who has been getting caught into controversies through his recent roles, has now invited wrath from a large section of people for his stand on Jai Bhim, despite the fact that he himself had run out of what he obliged in his speech about Jai Bhim. The comedian has been under scrutiny over the roles that he played in recent times that had elements of body shaming and prejudice under the guise of making comedy. 

Now, as he has taken a disparate stand on what has been welcomed by the masses, his trolling templates are now being used by the netizens to troll him, amid finding a respite from his fans who came in favour of him. Santhanam was on Tuesday addressing at a press meet that was organized for his upcoming movie 'Sabhaapathy' and while responding to a question regarding the Jai Bhim movie, Santhanam said that regardless of Jai Bhim, no one should hurt others for speaking good about them. He further said no one should degrade the opinions of others.

"Cinema is just for two hours and it is where everyone will see by forgetting their caste and religion", he added. Commenting on the question about #WeStandWithSuriya, Santhanam said he don't know about this social media trend. His speech in a way had got him into controversy not only for his stand against the picture that was celebrated by masses but for breaking his own stand hundreds of times when it comes to comedy. Now, echoing his response, regardless of genre or plot, no one should insult others and their appearances under the guise of bringing laughter.

This isn't something that fits for Santhanam as his career was filled with such elements and his propaganda of hailing the boozers and body shaming others. Has Santhanam forgotten what was done in Dikkiloona? In this movie, Santhanam had reportedly mocked differently-abled people, which has invited strong condemnation from various social activists. He would utter obscene language against such disabled people. But, these scenes weren't removed nor was condemned by any, who now claim Jai Bhim has hurt a specific community. 

There were several scenes where Santhanam would encourage drinking liquor and would come as a saviour for the boozers. Was encouraging liquor a part of comedy? In the 2013 movie of 'Endrendrum Punnagai', Santhanam had uttered a dialogue with double entendres, which defamed the women community. He was staunchly accused of making remarks against women and protests were held against him after which the scene was removed from the movie. Is it acceptable to insult others to garner praise as a comedian or whether Santhanam was not aware of the meaning of the word he uttered? 

It didn't end. Santhanam had got into a controversy after he performed an impersonation of Mukesh Harane in the 2013 movie 'All in All Azhagu Raja'. Harane had died of oral cancer and featured in health-risk warning cards before the start of every movie in the theatres and won't such impersonations insult the person after the latter's demise? How Santhanam can advocate not to insult and degrade others with these track records? The comedian went on to face a complaint about throwing bad light on the Brahmin community in his movie A1 (Accused No 1). 

The movie that was released in 2019 has sparked controversy as the political outfit Hindu Tamizhar Katchi has filed a complaint against Santhanam and the movie's producer Rajnarayanan for depicting the Brahmin community in a bad light. The outfit has filed a case against the actor with the Chennai police commissioner and claimed that the picture has hurt the sentiments of the community and the body also claimed that the movie would affect the law and order of society. Santhanam's upcoming 'Sabhaapathy' has also sparked outrage even before its release.  

Tamil activists had claimed that the posters of Sabhaapathy had degraded the protest over water and responding to this accusation, Santhanam has on Tuesday claimed that it's unfair to criticize a movie based on a particular scene and that opinions can be made after watching the movie. What's the case of Jai Bhim then? How a particular scene can dim the fight for social justice? The important reason why Jai Bhim has earned greater recognition is because it connects everyone as a social subject and displays the plight of tribal communities and their grit to fight for justice.

There is no controversy in Jai Bhim, whatsoever. It was made controversial by some outfits who, as director Vetri Maaran said, don't want the status quo to change. As the matter was burning, the movie team had removed the scene. However, these outfits fuel the fury as they got a talking point and Santhanam's previous controversial scenes have been shared on social media with several fans commenting the actor as a caste fanatic. He has also been questioned for not reacting against the movies that hurt and insult others.

As support and solidarity for Suriya grows, Santhanam has got into trouble and trolls as social media users are using his own template and dialogues to troll him. The hashtag against the actor has been trending on social media platforms, which has become a big blow. Amid the trouble, the fans of Santhanam and the users who opposed Jai Bhim are coming in support of the comedian-turned-actor. Let's hope that Santhanam will stand by his words in the upcoming movies.