'Sit down you fool': Kangana goes hard on Rihanna! The Bollywood star at it again

When international pop-singer Rihanna extended her voice in support of the protesting farmers in India, it had garnered significant global attention towards the incessant agitations of the farmers who are protesting for the past two months in Delhi with the demand of repealing the three controversial farm laws that were passed by the Central government. 

On Tuesday, renowned international singer and actress Rihanna took to Twitter and shared a news link of CNN in which it had covered India cuts internet around New Delhi. Sharing the link, Rihanna said, "Why aren't we talking about this? #FarmersProtest". Ever since she tweeted about the farmers' protests, her tweet has been gaining significant attention across and beyond the borders as it had taken the issue to a global debate. 

Amid the wider response to Rihanna's tweet, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had gone hard on the international pop-singer and harshly called Rihanna a fool and besides branding the singer as a fool, Kangana went on to say that the protesting peasants are not farmers but they are terrorists. Replying to Rihanna, the Bollywood actress and ardent supporter of BJP said, "No one is talking about it because they are not farmers, they are terrorists who are trying to divide India so that China can take over our vulnerable broken nation and make it a Chinese colony much like the USA... Sit down you fool, we are not selling our nation like you dummies."

With no surprise, this is not the first time that Kangana had gone aggressive on the farmers as she has been frequently attacking them after becoming the apparent supporter of the Central ruling BJP. It must be noted that a few days ago, Kangana went on to brand the oppositions and Indians who are supporting the farmers as terrorists, and through her reply to Rihanna, the Bollywood star had shown that she is at it again. However, on the other hand, Rihanna's tweet in support of farmers had gained more attention in some of the global countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

While drawing an appalling reply from Kangana Ranaut, Rihanna has also garnered support in Bollywood. According to reports, Bollywood actors like Swara Bhasker and Richa Chadha, who have been voicing in favor of farmers, have supported Rihanna's statement concerned about the farmers. Along with them, Bollywood actors Sonu Sood, Taapsee Pannu, Diljit Dosanjh, and Hansel Mehta had supported the farmers which most of the big shots stayed off from extending their support. 

Along with Rihanna, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has also extended her solidarity to the farmers' protest, which has become another significant attention from beyond the borders. Thunberg, who is a popular global climate activist, shared the same news link and said, "We stand in solidarity with the Farmers Protest in India". Thousands of farmers from across the nation have been protesting in Delhi with the demand of abrogating the three farm laws that they fear would dismantle the grounds of Minimum Support Price (MSP) and would bring in the private players into the agricultural sector.