A strong slap for speaking Hindi: How did Prakash Raj react to controversy over this scene of 'Jai Bhim'?

Actor Prakash Raj has finally reacted to a controversy that was stirred by a particular scene in the movie 'Jai Bhim' where he will give a strong slap to a pawnbroker for speaking Hindi. In the movie, Prakash Raj had acted as a police officer and in a segment probing the theft case that was the root of the movie, he would investigate the pawnbroker and the scene was in a way that the pawnbroker speaks in Hindi after which Prakash Raj slaps him and asks him to speak in Tamil.

The movie was based on the true events that happened in a remote area of Tamil Nadu in 1995 and Prakash Raj's slap had invited controversy and stirred fallacious claims that the particular scene was against Hindi-speaking people. Though a large section of people has come in support of Prakash Raj, the controversy had been brewing on social media and now, he had dotted up the controversy and said that certain things have to be documented. 

He noted that those who have a problem with the scene in Jai Bhim have exposed their agenda. Speaking to News9live, Prakash Said, "After watching a film like Jai Bhim, they haven't noticed the suffering of the tribal people, they neither see nor felt terrible about the injustice, they saw only the slap. That's how much they understood and this exposes their agenda. Certain things have to be documented." 

Commenting about the scene, he said, "For example, the anger of South Indians on Hindi being forced on them. How else will a police officer who is investigating a case react when he knows that a person who knows the local language chooses to speak Hindi? That has to be documented and the film is set in the 1990s. If that character had Hindi imposed on him, he would have reacted this way only. If it came across as more intense, it is also because that is my thought too, and I stand by that thought." 

Prakash Raj has said that reacting to such controversies has no point and added that they appear more naked than me now as their intent has been revealed. "For some, the slap scene had irritated because it was Prakash Raj on screen. If the pain of the tribal people did not move them, there is no point reacting to such bigots", added Prakash Raj, whose role in the movie had drawn more positive acclamations. 

Jai Bhim has indeed shakened the conscience of the society that we live in as the movie has courageously presented the heartbreaking livelihood of the Irular community, one of the scheduled tribes. The movie talks about custodial torture, caste discrimination, and injustice faced by the Irulars. It was based on the true event where former Madras High Court judge Justice Chandru had in 1995 fought for the justice of an Irular woman, whose husband was tortured and killed by the police officers. 

Chandru was an advocate during that time and the movie revolves around how the Irular community has been suppressed by the power and how the backward castes people are lodged in fake cases. Bankrolled by Jyothika and Suriya under 2D Entertainment, Jai Bhim is helmed by director TJ Gnanavel and while Suriya plays the lead role as an advocate Chandru, Manikandan, Lijomol Jose, Rajisha Vijayan, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Guru Somasundaram, MS Bhaskar, Ilavarasu, and Jayaprakash had played important roles. The movie was released on November 2 directly on Amazon Prime and has become a great milestone for Suriya and one of the movies that would perennially live and decorate the Tamil cinema.