Talk of the country: Is this the tentative date of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls? Here's what you must know!

As India is counting its dates for what would be a crucial general election as it will come at a high time of eroding democratic values and tumulting opposition against the Modi regime, a piece of news has sparked huge attention from across the nation as it carried the 'tentative' date of the Lok Sabha polls. As the development has quickly turned heads, the officials clarified that the date was sent for the purpose of reference. 

The current and seventeenth Lok Sabha was formed in June 2019 after the Narendra Modi administration had retained the reign in the 2019 Lok Sabha poll that was held in seven phases from April to May that year.  As the five-year validity of the current Lok Sabha is coming close, India, the world's largest democracy and most populous country would go to the general election between April and May 2024. 

At a juncture where the political parties have been gearing up their campaigns, the development of this tentative date has signaled that the final and official election schedule would perhaps be announced soon. According to reports, the circular from the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer has said that the tentative date for the Lok Sabha polls as April 16, 2024. 

In a circular that was sent to the eleven District Election Officers of Delhi, the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer said the Election Commission has tentatively given the poll day as April 16, 2024 for the purpose of reference and to calculate start and end dates in the Election Planner. The circular was sent by Delhi's Assistant Chief Electoral Officer T Misao.

As this date has drawn sharp attention, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi took to social media and issued a clarification that the date is only for reference for officials to plan activities. The social media post read, "Some media queries are coming referring to a circular by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi to clarify whether 16.04.2024 is tentative poll day for Lok Sabha Elections 2024."

"It is clarified that this date was mentioned only for reference for officials to plan activities as per Election Planner of ECI (Election Commission of India)", the post added. As India can't go to polls in a single phase, the people in the know assert that this tentative date could be for the Lok Sabha poll in Delhi or could be the start of the election, followed by several phases of polling.