Target Vijay... The lesser-known background!

The recent IT raids at the residences of Actor Vijay has, on one hand, put him on the limelight while, on the other hand, it has shocked the ruling party as along with Actor Vijay, the IT sleuths had raided the properties of film financier Anbu Chezhiyan, who enjoys close ties with the senior leaders of the ruling party.

Although the raids of Income-tax and Enforcement directorate are common, the sources reveal the lesser-known background of this particular IT raid. The senior authorities of Tamil Nadu who have a stronghold in Delhi say that the BJP has been upholding an indirect agenda of dismantling the plans constituted by the ADMK party on earthing the wealth for electoral purposes. The agenda has a history. 

                 IT authorities in Actor Vijay's residence


In 2018, the Income-tax department had exhumed the cash from the aides close to the ruling party that was reserved for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Following the raid, the Central agency had trapped Edappadi Palaniswami's relative and a contractor for housing the unaccounted cash. The raids were conducted in the properties and premises that belong to some of the relatives of Edappadi Palaniswami and the authorities had recovered the liquid cash of Rs 1,300 crores along with some documents.

BJP has allied with the ADMK in 2019 Lok Sabha polls and the sources underlined the policy of BJP to conduct the IT raids at least ten months before the elections with the view of getting rid of the criticism that would erupt after conducting the raid at the time of elections and after the unprecedented loss in Tamil Nadu in 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP has been vying to get detached from the ADMK alliance as the recent reports suggested the BJP that the people of the state would stay off from favoring ADMK rule in the upcoming elections.

              (L-R) Amit Shah and Rajinikanth - File photo


Our sources reveal that Rajinikanth has given assurance to the BJP leaders that he would be launching his political entry. The actor has been eyeing the prospects for entering into politics and the BJP has been backing Rajinikanth over some of his plans. One of his important plans is that the ADMK party shouldn't be in power during the 2021 assembly elections and if the ADMK government lost its power, Rajinikanth wouldn't hesitate to ally with the BJP and with the view of the alliance, BJP has been rolling out to block the ADMK's attempts to face the elections with money and these IT raids are preface of lowering ADMK's rule in the state.

                       Anbu Chezhiyan - File photo


The sources say that the Income-tax department and the Enforcement Directorate have been notifying the Prime Minister's office that Tamil Nadu has been housing crores of liquid cash and upon investigating, the BJP came to know that the ruling party leaders, the Christian and Muslim outfits in overseas have been aiming to defeat BJP and Rajini in Tamil Nadu and they have been allegedly investing money in Tamil Nadu through the cinema actors following which Delhi had ordered the raids and searches recently that took place in 38 locations across the state including the properties of Actor Vijay, AGS film production group, and film financier Anbu Chezhiyan. Adding to that, the BJP has also formulated the strategies to stop the cash distribution of DMK.

Our sources further stated that Actor Vijay has been targeted mostly by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) by assuming that he would support DMK after the pressure from the Christian outfits. Actor Vijay has openly admitted that he is Christian during the controversy that circled his movie Mersal. BJP's H Raja has tweeted Vijay's voter ID card in 2017 to claim that the actor is opposing BJP since he is a Christian. The Central ruling party has assumed that he would back DMK if BJP allies with Rajinikanth and the ED had exhumed several documents of Actor Vijay through which, the authorities have stated, the ED would interrogate Vijay that would add more burden to the actor.