Telangana BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay is arrested...Here's why!

The Telangana police arrested the state BJP President Bandi Sanjay on Tuesday - August 23 after he called for state-wide protests against the arrest of his party workers on Monday. His arrest has come a day after Union Home Minister Amit Shah's Telangana tour.  

Bandi Sanjay was arrested after he called for a protest at Jangaon to condemn the attack and arrest of the workers of BJP's Youth Wing while they were protesting outside the residence of TRS MLC Kavitha, the daughter of Chief Minister K Chandrasekara Rao, in Hyderabad. On Monday, there was a quarrel between the members of TRS and BJP's Youth Wing during the latter's protest before Kavitha's residence. 

After the quarrel broke out, the police intervened and took the situation under control. Earlier, the state BJP leaders claimed that Kavitha has been involved in the Delhi excise policy scam. However, Kavitha denied the charges and she said she would initiate legal action against the people who spread false information. She said that she will approach the court and would seek an order against those making the allegations. 

She said, "The allegations made on me are completely baseless. I don't have any link with what was said in the Delhi excise scam. They have all the agencies in their hands, they can do whatever investigation that is required. We will completely cooperate." She added that BJP is doing this because our Chief Minister KCR has been vocal in criticising the policies of the Union government. 

With the allegations, the BJP's Youth Wing members have gathered before Kavitha's residence and protested against her. Later, the workers of TRS arrived at Kavitha's residence after which a quarrel was broken out between the two groups. The police arrested the members of BJP's Youth Wing and condemning the arrest, Bandi Sanjay has called on state-wide protests. 

Sanjay was about to sit in at Jangaon for protest when police took him into custody on Tuesday. He was later arrested and BJP workers resisted his arrest and stopped police vehicles before Sanjay was taken away from the location. It has been reported that several BJP workers were injured after police lathi-charged them. Bandi Sanjay has recently launched the third place of his Praja Sangrama and he was taken into custody along with a large number of BJP workers.