Telangana punishes while Tamil Nadu pampers..What Pollachi accused do behind the bars?

While Telangana state police have been at the center stage of celebrations and accusations over allegedly encountering the four accused with the connection to the gang-rape and murder case of 26-year-old female Hyderabad doctor where the police department has been backed and welcomed for killing the accused of committing the brutal crime as equal as the department has been criticized and accused of reportedly committing the encounter that was labeled by the critics as the 'extrajudicial killings'.

Judicial and legal investigations have been installed to interrogate the police team to ascertain their confessions on carrying out the encounter and on the other hand, they have been flowered and celebrated by the people across the country, who claimed the shootings as a  strong message to the people committing such inhumane and brutal crimes.

         Hyderabad police officials at the encounter site


On one hand, Telangana, the south Indian state had punished the accused who had raped and murdered a woman, while on the other hand, the other south Indian state, Tamil Nadu pampers the five similar accused in its prison who have been detained for harassing and abusing more than 300 women. 

The accused Thirunavukkarasu, Sabarirajan, Sathish, Vasanthakumar, and Manivannan have been allegedly pampered by the ruling party in its prison - for them, it's a safe haven. The Madras High court had recently revoked the Goondas Act registered against the five by citing that the state police department had failed to produce solid evidence against the accused.

The accused of Pollachi sexual abuse case - File photo


The police encounter at Telangana had certainly erupted the voices from the people to deliver justice for the other rape victims including the hundreds of women in Pollachi who were abused by the five-member gang. The women college students in Pollachi had demanded to punish this five-member gang who have been pampered and cared for by the ruling party. Telangana state police had shot dead the accused in the eighth day since they were detained while the accused in Tamil Nadu are under the support of the ruling party for the past nine months. By supporting the criminals, the ruling party denies justice for the affected women.

A group of women in Tamil Nadu marching with the demand of delivering justice to the affected Pollachi women


Soon after the encounter news rocked the nation, the state of Tamil Nadu, particularly, women voiced fiercely to convict and punish the accused of the Pollachi issue but their voices have literally been muted by the ruling party. Justice is good when it is served hot. Telangana served it...Will Tamil Nadu?