Tensions at ADMK's top meeting: OPS was attacked when he walked out of General Council meeting!

Annoyed by the wave of support for Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) in the ADMK's General Council meeting, O Paneerselvam (OPS) has walked out of the meeting as the events of agitation against OPS were clearly visible and it was also apparent that he was sidelined by the party with a little tide of backing. Shockingly, when OPS was leaving the venue hall where the key meeting has held, he was attacked by a cadre, who threw a water bottle at him. 

In the midst of traffic gridlock in Vanagaram, Chennai in the wake of ADMK's General Council meeting where thousands of party cadres had assembled, the meeting was also surrounded by a wave of tension and impasse and the meeting, that had lasted only for a few minutes, didn't find an end for the leadership crisis. Initially, the party has planned to adopt 23 resolutions in the meeting along with the resolution supporting unitary leadership, where Palaniswami would become the party's new General Secretary. 

O Panneerselvam has opposed the move and fought a legal battle against Palaniswami's faction. The meeting was organized with a high court order that banned the party to adopt the resolution for unitary leadership. As both EPS and OPS were meeting each other for the first time since the latest leadership tussle had begun, the meeting has gained huge attention over the climax. 

Too close but too far: ADMK's Edappadi Palaniswami and Panneerselvam at the party's General Council meeting in Chennai- June 23, 2022


OPS had arrived at the meeting much ahead of EPS and the reception to EPS was rousing and several cadres had raised slogans hailing EPS when OPS had arrived. The wave of support for EPS was visible in the party as several leaders including former ministers had praised EPS for his leadership. By indirectly attacking OPS, the leaders had welcomed EPS to take the baton of single leadership. 

On the other hand, OPS, with his handful of supporters, was listening to the praises that came for his rival EPS and didn't utter a word. Both the leaders remain tense on the stage and fueling the tensions, former minister CV Shanmugam told the packed hall that the meeting was boycotting all the resolutions and that the party must get a unitary leadership to function as the opposition party. Shanmugam's speech was fierce and it was completely scripted against OPS. 

Following Shanmugam, former minister Valarmathi addressed the hall and she echoed Shanmugam that the party will soon get a new leader. EPS had extended a brief note and there was no mention of OPS in the meeting, which made him disturbed. Following the boycott of all the resolutions, OPS had come down from the stage and walked out of the meeting along with his supporter Vaithilingam. To his shock, OPS found that his vehicle's tire was punctured and the political observers who closely watched the developments say that OPS has been insulted by the party. 

Hotspot of chaos: Panneerselvam can be seen walking out from the stage amid the wave of support for Palaniswami


Moments after walking out, O Panneerselvam announced that he will address the media at 6 pm on Thursday. In the midst of furores, the party's Presidium Chairman Tamil Magan Hussain has announced that the next General Council meeting would be convened on July 11 and the supporters of EPS affirm that Palaniswami would be elected General Secretary in the next round of the meeting. For the ADMK cadres, the days of waiting for the meeting had ended in minutes amid the fact that the years-long leadership crisis is still been boiling.