TN Muslim leaders meet Rajinikanth over CAA - Here's what they discussed!

Nearly weeks after Rajinikanth levied the blame on the religious leaders for torching up the agitations against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Muslim leaders in Tamil Nadu had on Sunday tabled a meet with the Actor and political hopeful in his residence in Chennai with the view of discussing and understanding the notion upheld by the actor on the protests against CAA.

The reports say that the meeting was organized by the actor himself after the Muslim outfit Jama'ath appealed the actor for an explanation regarding his statements targeting the religious leaders on stimulating the protests. The meeting had the members from Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jama'ath and it had lasted for over an hour during which the leaders laid down their perspective of the act.

Muslim leaders meeting Rajinikanth in his resident in Chennai - March 1, 2020


Earlier in February, amid the ongoing protests against CAA in Chennai, Rajinikanth said that the CAA will not affect Indian Muslims and he demanded the students not to become victims of the political parties that are reportedly instigating the protests with the intent to promote their own agenda. He further stated that these political parties have been heating up the issue and some of the religious leaders have been backing the parties. The actor pressed his notions last week while he addressed the reporters. By condemning the Union Home Ministry on its failure over containing the Delhi violence, he reiterated that the protests against CAA would not bring the change and the Central government will not repeal the enacted Act. 

According to the reports, the President of Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jama'ath has addressed to the actor on levying the blame against the religious leaders. In the letter, the Muslim outfit asked the actor on making a statement in general and voicing against the protests without considering the notions and arguments of Muslims had against the act and the outfit claimed that it was not right to deliver such statements without taking their story and perspective into his account. Ahlus Sunnath Wal Jama'ath said that nearly two weeks after the letter was sent, Rajinikanth called the leaders and notified that he wants to have a personal meet over the issue.

The President of the outfit stated that the members had met Rajinikanth in his residence on Sunday at 11 am and the meeting lasted till 12.15 pm. During the course of the meeting, the members ratified to the actor that the laws that are formulated based on religion should not be allowed in the country and the members had shown the articles written by the journalists and experts about CAA and how it causes religious discrimination and the members also stated that they have no issue on rolling out the regular census which is in place and conducted for every ten years. 

The actor greeting the Muslim leaders during the meet - March 1, 2020


The members conveyed the actor that the proposed National Population Register (NPR) has unnecessary questions. After listening to their notions, our sources say that Rajinikanth eared to the notions of the Muslim outfit and he said that he wanted all the religions to live together happily and he ensured that he would do anything to restore peace.