TNPSC Scam... The biggies escape?

The voice for demanding the CBI probe into the unprecedented TNPSC Scam has been uprising across the state as the racket reveals the fresh conspiracies every day since the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission admitted that it had reported with series of scams in the Group 4 and Group 2(A) examinations. 

On Tuesday, the members of the DMK Youth and Students' wings had gathered for the protest led by DMK's Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin. The party has rolled out its protest in front of the TNPSC office with the motive of demanding the probe of CBI in the corruptions that were recently unearthed from the commission's examinations and recruitments. The protest has come days after DMK President had urged the state government to transfer the probe to CBI.

DMK party wings protesting against the TNPSC Scam in Chennai - Feb 4, 2020


Along with Udhayanidhi, the party's students' wing leader Ezhilarasan and MLAs Subramanian, Sekar Babu, and Sudharsanam have joined the protests. Hundreds of party cadres including a large number of women had raised slogans against the ADMK government and the TNPSC. Amid the protests and demands from various stakeholders, our sources had revealed the shocking truth that the biggies who have close connections and involvements in the scam were intentionally let free while the state police had detained some of the low-level staff who have been made scapegoats.

The recent racket has come to the spotlight after 99 candidates who appeared for Group 4 exams in Rameswaram and Keelakarai exam centers had ranked top in the TNPSC exams that held across the state. The TNPSC officials had suspected the scam in the exams as the top ranks were filled by these two centers alone from Ramanathapuram district. Our sources had stated that 46-year-old Sivaraj, who is native of Sivaganga district, had recently approached the state electronic service center to know his result during which a woman at the Center interrogated him to know the reason why he chose to write in Rameswaram center and after reviewing the results, it was shockingly known to her awareness that he is the first rank holder in TNPSC Group 4 exams.

          TNPSC Office in Chennai - File photo


The results carried the testament that the top rank holders who appeared for the exams in Rameswaram and Keelakarai centers are not native of these two cities and they belong to Cuddalore, Vellore, Sivaganga, and Tirunelveli districts and after these conspiracies unearthed, TNPSC installed the investigation to exhume the truths. The sources added that Sivaraj had fled his home when he came to know that the reporters are approaching him for an interview after scoring the first rank. The TNPSC administration had called all 99 candidates for investigations and during the investigations, the authorities suddenly conducted the exam to test their knowledge but no one has passed the exam which had revealed the scam. After admitting the scam, TNPSC has asked the CBCID police wing to take up the probe.

                    Image for representation 


While CBCID investigated the racket, it found out that these candidates had written the exams through the ink that would vanish after two hours and after they completed the exams, the brokers and the agents came to the picture and they have written the correct answers in the place of where the ink has vanished and they again placed the papers in the same answer bundles. The probe has let the authorities to detain Nitish Kumar, a native of Triplicane, who passed the exam by appearing in the Keelakarai exam center after which the police had arrested the middlemen based in Nungambakkam, Chennai and two others with a connection to the scam. Upon investigating the accused, the police then detained Dasildars of Rameswaram and Keelakarai for their alleged involvement in the racket.

Recently, the authorities had handcuffed TNPSC's clerk Om Kanthan for playing a role in the racket along with the prime suspect Jayakumar, who alleged altered the answers of the candidates who had bribed him to clear the examination. The officials had exposed that the malpractice of changing the answers had reportedly taken place in a vehicle that carried the answer sheets from Ramanathapuram to Chennai on September 1st, 2019. 

Siththandi, a TN police officer who was arrested by the CBCID with the involvement of the scam - File photo


The reports have revealed that Omkanthan was approached by Jayakumar and sought the clerk's aid to access the answer sheets while en route to Chennai and Jayakumar had agreed to pay Omkanthan of Rs 15 lakh to get accessibility of the answer scripts and Omkanthan had consented to help Jayakumar after receiving Rs 2 lakh as advance and he somehow got posted in Ramanathapuram on September 1st to the exam duty. Omkanthan was also a part of the team that was installed to transport the answer sheets to the state's capital.

On September 1st, 2019, after the completion of the exams, Omkanthan and his team had started to Chennai in a parcel van loaded with the answer sheets and Jayakumar had allegedly followed the van on the highways and at around 10.30 pm when the vehicle stopped for dinner, Omkanthan had handed over the key to Jayakumar who was following behind after which Jayakumar took the answer sheets from the bundles and handed over the keys back to the clerk and they resumed their journey towards Chennai and during the travel, Jayakumar had reportedly altered the answers for the candidates who bribed him and by citing the lack of time to alter every paper, he managed to change the answers of only 39 candidates and he kept back the answer sheets to the same bundle when the vehicle stopped at Vikravandi for a tea around 5.30 am on September 2nd, 2019. 

        CB-CID raiding a house of the broker in Chennai


Our sources had cited that the scam of this kind is not possible to commit without the aid of high ranking officials and the developments have been raising a series of questions including who deputed Om Kanthan, who was at Chennai, to Rameswaram and Keelakarai centers and how Jayakumar had altered the answers in such a short time and how he exactly filled in the correct answers while the exam had four kinds of question papers. While we spoke to advocate Kannan, he said that it would at least take thirty minutes to verify the answer sheets of 200 questions and how much time it would take to correct 99 answer papers and although, it has been told that the exam was conducted under tight security, how the brokers had accessed the answer keys and how the opened cover get sealed again? He pressed that the scam has the involvement of high-level officials who have been backed by the ministers. He added that if the case goes on, it would bring bad names for the government and with the view of getting rid of the consequences, they had made the low-level staff as scapegoats.