Trending Picture: When Malaysian Prime Minister meets Superstar Rajinikanth!

(This article is authored by Alar)

The superstar of Indian cinema, Rajinikanth, has made headlines once again with his recent visit to Malaysia. The actor met the Malaysian Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, who is a fan of his films and a supporter of his social causes.

The meeting was cordial and casual, as the two leaders discussed various issues related to the art world and the plight of the people. Rajinikanth expressed his admiration for Anwar’s struggle for democracy and justice, while Anwar praised Rajinikanth’s efforts to include social elements in his films.

The Prime Minister shared a photo of the meeting by taking us to X, and wrote, “Today I received a visit from the Indian film star, Rajinikanth, who is a familiar name on the Asian and international art world stage. I appreciate the respect he gave to my struggle, especially regarding the issue of misery and suffering of the people,"

"Among the things that were casually discussed were certainly related to the social elements that I strive to include in his films in the future. Praying that Rajinikanth continues to excel in the field and the film world.” he added. The photo went viral on the internet, as fans of both Rajinikanth and Anwar expressed their delight and curiosity over the meeting. 

Anwar, who is a former deputy prime minister and opposition leader, has been hailed as a champion of democracy and reform in Malaysia. He has faced several trials and imprisonments on politically motivated charges, but has never given up his fight for justice. The Prime Minister's office witnessed a heartwarming moment as two icons shared a light-hearted moment together.

The Jailer actor's attire was a nod to simplicity, dressed in a plain white dhoti paired with a white shirt. The meeting between Rajinikanth and Anwar is a rare and remarkable event that showcases the power and influence of art and politics in shaping the world. It also reflects the mutual respect and admiration between two icons of their respective fields.