In truce with EPS, OPS finds a new hope: What's in it and will it come true?

When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and Deputy Chief Minister Panneerselvam (OPS) exchanged greetings on October 7, nearly ten days after they exchanged a war of words before the party leaders at the party headquarters, the party found a place for truce after they reached a consensus ahead of the state assembly polls and in that truce, Panneerselvam has found new hope of making his son Ravindranath Kumar, the only ADMK MP from the state, as the Central Minister.

The truce was largely made possible by the hectic discussions and parleys carried out by the senior leaders and ministers at the residences of the two top leaders in a bid to end the tug-of-war. The parleys had played its role nearly for ten days during which the senior leaders traveled to and fro to the residences of EPS and OPS to mitigate the tussle between the duo as they fought for the power and to win the race of being the Chief Ministerial candidate of the party for the upcoming polls. 

When the leaders came with the deal, they discussed it with EPS that he will be the CM candidate as the majority of members support it and the leaders pressed him to install the steering committee, the demand kept by OPS to end the fight. The demand for the steering committee was kept by OPS during the drama of merging the factions in 2017. It was agreed to set up the committee, however, it was delayed.  When the CM fight came to light, OPS brought that demand back and urged to set up the committee. 

For OPS, he thought of leading the steering committee, which would be the decision-making body of the party, through which he hoped to enhance his power in the party. However, EPS didn't consent to set up the committee as he wished to keep control over the party and rule. As their fight got intensified, the senior leaders had convinced the Chief Minister to set up the committee without which, the party would get drifted ahead of the elections. 

As per the deal, EPS had eventually agreed to install the committee while OPS had agreed to name EPS as the CM candidate. As the drama of tussle was curtailed, both the leaders came to the party headquarters and EPS announced the establishment of the committee and eleven members of the committee, - however, it wasn't announced on who would lead the committee, and OPS announced that his dear brother Edappadi Palaniswami would be the CM candidate of the ADMK party in the 2021 polls. 

Following their announcement, the party leaders hailed and welcomed the decision and claimed that they attained a truce. With no surety that the truce would have longevity, it may be for the short-term, and in this truce, OPS has found new hope and believes that his new hope would stay for the long-term.

When ADMK led alliance had ended up conceding a major defeat in Tamil Nadu in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, OPS was the only leader to have a sign of relief as his son OP Ravindranath Kumar was the only ADMK candidate to win the elections in the state. Kumar had won from his hometown of Theni constituency and he has been serving as a lone ADMK MP in the Lok Sabha. Ever since his son became MP, Panneerselvam has been hoping to make him as the Union Minister. 

It has been one of the current political agendas of Panneerselvam. However, Edappadi Palaniswami had negated from proposing OPS's son to the cabinet and in return, the former wished to make his supporter as the Union Minister through Rajya Sabha, which was the direct fight against OPS. It's been more than a year since Kumar won the Lok Sabha polls and OPS has been hard pushing his agenda to reserve his berth in Modi's cabinet. 

Amid such developments, OPS has now found new hope in the truce with EPS as according to our sources, Ravindranath Kumar would most likely be inducted into the Central cabinet. The sources say that Prime Minister Modi is planning to shuffle and extend the cabinet after October 15 during which Ravindranath Kumar would likely be named as the Minister of State in the current cabinet, which would give major relief to Panneerselvam as it would be enhancing his son's political career. 

The sources further stated that Edappadi Palaniswami has now extended his support to proposing Ravindranath Kumar's name to the Central cabinet through which OPS has removed the barriers and cleared the way for his son for his elevation. By awarding a berth in the Central cabinet, BJP also hopes to bring and keep ADMK in its alliance ahead of the elections.