'Vote for Yogi or you will be bulldozed': This BJP MLA threatens voters in UP!

Amid the ongoing seven-phased assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, a BJP MLA from Telangana has invited controversy and trouble over his comments that were in a fashion of threatening the voters of Uttar Pradesh to vote for BJP and elect Yogi Adityanath as the next Chief Minister. He also has spurred outrage in Telangana and across the nation and the Election Commission has asked the legislator to respond to his remarks. 

According to reports, BJP MLA of Telangana, T Raja Singh, who got elected from the Goshamahar Assembly constituency in Hyderabad, had been campaigning for the party in Uttar Pradesh. In a video that he released on Monday, Raja Singh said that during the second phase of the Uttar Pradesh polls even Yogi Adityanath's enemies had come out in large numbers and voted. He said that the voters who didn't vote for BJP will face more consequences. 

He said, "Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has bought thousands of JCBs and bulldozers. I believe everyone knows why bulldozers are being used. I would like to inform the traitors who don't want Yogi Adityanath to get elected as the Chief Minister again, if you want to live in UP, you must hail Yogi or else you will have to run away from the state." He also said, "If you don't vote BJP, we will demolish your houses with JCB." 

He further warned that the areas where people have been voting against the ruling party would be identified. His shocking remarks had poured more resentment on BJP, which aims to secure a big victory in the polls. Raja Singh has been surfaced with condemnations over his comments of intimidating the voters to vote for BJP. Several leaders had come down hard on Raja Singh. 

Reacting to the BJP MLA's video, Working president of Telangana Rashtra Samithi Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao said, "Just when you think they can't stoop any lower, yet another amazing comedian pops up. If you don’t vote for BJP, Yogi will demolish/Bulldoze your house says this BJP MLA/Legislature floor leader from Telangana!!."  

After Raja Singh's comments had spurred outrage, the Election Commission of India has urged him to respond to his remarks. According to ANI, the Election Commission of India has issued notice to Raja Singh for his video threatening voters from Uttar Pradesh who don't vote for BJP, asks him to respond within 24 hours.