Want to be a prisoner one day? This Indian jail decides to offer a prison tour for Rs 500 a day!

By lending out Rs 500 a day, you can now live a life behind the bars and along with the inmates as you can tour inside of what has been covered by a giant stretch of wall and surveillance. In what has been become an unusual pioneer project, a prison in the state of Karnataka has launched the concept of tourism inside the prison complex and it will open the gates, that had remained a few, for the general public as they can tour the prison and experience what it takes to be a prisoner.

According to reports, the jail authorities of Hindalga Central Prison in Belagavi in Karnataka have come up with an initiative and the concept of 'A day in the life of a prisoner'. Through his initiative, the general public will be allowed to visit the prison and live a prisoner's life for 24 hours by paying Rs 500. The proposal of this initiative has been sent to the state government and the authorities are now awaiting the government's consent to go ahead of the initiative of making the prison to the ambit of a tourist destination. 

The jail authorities have said that the visitors will be treated like other prisoners and they will be mandated to follow the same routine as per the prison manual as the rest of the inmates. Most importantly, the visitors will be given a prison uniform for their stay and they would also be given a specific number and the same food that is served to the other prisoners. The visitors will also be joining the prisoners in their daily routine like taking part in cooking, gardening, and cleaning the prison premises. 

The visitors would also be sharing space with some of the notorious and dreaded criminals including those who would be stepping on the gallows, the associates of forest brigand Veerappan, and a serial killer. The authorities had said that this initiative was launched with an idea to make people understand the life of the prisoners and to prevent people from committing crimes. The visitors will also be locked into a separate cell to sense the experience of solitary confinement. 

The authorities said that the jail guards will wake up the visitors at 5 am and they have to clean their cells before having morning tea. They will be given breakfast after an hour and at 11 am, the visitors will be served with lunch and the dinner will be served at 7 pm. If the visitors come to the prison on weekends, they will be served non-vegetarian food. The visitors will be given a mattress on which they have to sleep along with the other inmates and they will be completing their tour inside the prison with the takeaway of a different lifestyle.