Watch: A 98-year-old man gets a farewell from jail staff after being released from a prison!

In what has become a rare event that touched thousands across the country, the jail staff attached to the Ayodhya prison in Uttar Pradesh have been praised for offering a respectable send off to a 98-year-old man, who walked free from incarceration. What left the people stunned is that the elderly man wasn't received by any of his family members. 

98-year-old Ram Surat Mishra walked out of the Ayodhya prison on Monday morning and visuals from the spot shown that his eyes appeared to be searching his family members. Later, his search went vain as there was no one to receive him. However, he received a caring gesture from the prison staff who provided blanket and accompanied him till the car. A staff was seen opening the car gate for the elderly inmate. 

Jail Superintendent Shashikant Mishra asked Ram Surat where he wanted to go. The elderly man said he wanted to go to Raghunath Chavani, a mandir in Ayodhya. Ram Surat Mishra was convicted under sections 452, 323, and 352 of the Indian Penal Code and these sections relate to house trespass with the intention to hurt, voluntarily causing hurt and use of criminal force on provocation respectively. 

Ram Surat Mishra was serving jail term for five years and after serving the sentenced incarceration, he walked out of the prison on Monday, shocked to see no family members were there to receive him and surprised about the gesture from the jail staff. Uttar Pradesh Director General of Prisons has shared the video on Twitter in which the jail superintendent Shashikant was heard saying to Ram Surat that the police will drop him at his place. 

The Director General wrote, "No one came to take 98-year-old Shri Ram Surai ji on his release. Superintendent District Jail Ayodhya Mr Shashikant Mishra Putrawat sending home in his car." On the other hand, the video posted by the Director General had earned dissents with several social media users commenting that the police have lodged an elderly man in a jail while notorious criminals are roaming free. 

Another user urged the government to take care of Ram Surat Mishra as his family members left him alone. One user wrote, "Justice and law and order should be ashamed that keeping a 98-year-old man in jail is neither justified nor human!." The gesture from the jail staff is being commended and a Twitter user said that the gesture from the jail staff shown the humanity is still alive.

The jail superintendent wrote to the Chief judicial magistrate in Faizabad on January 7 in which he said that Ram Surat Mishra has completed his term of imprisonment. Mishra was set to get released on August 8, 2022. However, he was awarded a 90-day parole earlier after he tested positive for the Covid pandemic. After parole, he returned to prison on October 10, 2022. He has now got released from the prison after a new order was issued.