Watch: Suriya's 'Jai Bhim' decorates the Oscars' YouTube channel...Fans relish the huge honour!

Suriya's Jai Bhim has been shelving more honours and accolades to its store of achievements since its release. The movie has earned a huge acclamation from across and beyond the borders for courageously speaking about the caste disparities and the plight of the marginalized people in fighting for justice. In what has become the latest and indeed a huge honour, the movie has decorated the official YouTube channel of the Oscars'.

The video which runs for over 12 minutes had segments of the movie and insight from movie director TJ Gnanavel, who speak about making the movie. The Oscars' channel had featured the film under its 'Scene At the Academy' segment, which focuses on the making of any film and the breakdown of important scenes from it. Jai Bhim was featured in the channel on Tuesday - January 18 and the video has been going viral on social media as the fans relish the honour. 

The video begins with the opening scene of Jai Bhim where the people from the backward class would be taken under custody on false charges. The video shows TJ Gnanavel explaining the theme of the movie. He says, "The opening scene of the film shows the police dividing tribal people on the basis of caste. You could call it the film's heart piece. How easily a powerful system can label the marginalized people as habitual offenders on the basis of caste." 

"When a privileged person is in trouble, their whole community shows up to fight. But for minorities like tribal people? They have no hope", Gnanavel adds. Highlighting casteism driven discrimination, he says, "It is said that racism is the worst kind of discrimination globally. But, casteism has several layers of discrimination built into it. Casteism is hierarchical. You can't move up or forward. One caste will stop you and if you get through them, another one will stop you." 

He further said that Jai Bhim does not discuss custodial violence alone, but also shows how the caste hierarchy forms the basis of custodial discrimination. The director also explains how a few other scenes were crafted in the film." Jai Bhim was inspired by true events and actor Suriya played the main role in the character of retired Madras High Court Judge Justice Chandru, who was a lawyer when he fought for the justice of a tribal woman, whose husband was tortured and beaten to death by police officers. 

Jai Bhim was produced by Actor Suriya and Jyothika under their own banner 2D Entertainment and directed by Gnanavel. While Suriya plays the lead role, Lijomol Jose, Manikandan, Rajisha Vijayan, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Guru Somasundaram, and Jayaprakash had played important roles. Sean Roldan has composed the music and the movie has got released directly on the Amazon Prime Video on November 2, 2021.

The movie was subsequently released in four other languages and earned rousing reviews. Reacting to the latest honour of decorating the Oscars' channel, 2D Entertainment said, "An honour of the highest order! Jai Bhim has been featured in the official YouTube channel of @TheAcademy #SceneAtTheAcademy." It must be noted that Jai Bhim had earlier received a nomination at the Golden Globes Award 2022 under the category of Best Non-English Language Film.