When a boozer annoys the police...A Telangana man dials 100 and asks cops to get him two bottles of beer!

In a bizarre incident, the Telangana police department had an annoying time attending the emergency call that came during the late-night hours. What was thought to be a distressing call had eventually turned out to be a hoax as the caller, who was a boozer, had dialled the police asking them to get two bottles of beer. The police had then called the man's father and the boozer was counselled. 

According to reports, a young man, who is a native of Goka Faslabad in the Vikrabad district of Telangana, had dialled 100 in the late night. The incident has happened under the limits of the Doulatabad police station. After calling, he told the police that he was in danger and following his call, the police had reached his village, which is even kilometres away from the station, and when they inquired about the danger he was in, the man asked them to get two bottles of beer. 

The man, identified as 22-year-old Madhu, was under the influence of alcohol and he was attending a wedding party. When the policemen arrived following his call, he told the officials that he consumed the liquor which he had and asked them to buy beer. He said that he had called them as all the wine shops are closed. Shockingly, he went on to argue with the police that they must help the people in need.

Annoyed by his late-night call, the police had left the place by collecting Madhu's details. The next day, a case was filed against him. Madhu was summoned to the police station with his father and was counselled. According to IANS, it has become the second such incident in Telangana in less than two months. It must be noted that earlier in March, a man from the Nalgonda district of Telangana had incessantly dialled 100 to complain against his wife that she hasn't cooked mutton curry. 

The police had traced the caller and the next morning, a few police personnel had reached his house and taken him into custody. After that incident, the police have appealed to the people not to misuse the dial 100 facility as such unwanted calls would affect the police in attending the real emergencies.