Why EPS and Stalin boycott Tanjore Kudamuzhuku? - Living superstition!

After going through a long legal battle, Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore had finally hosted the consecration ceremony and with accord to the directive of Madras High Court, the ceremony was performed both in Tamil and Sanskrit languages. The ceremony at one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu was held on February 5th, 2020 and the city of Tanjore was flooded by the people during the ceremony as more than thousands of people from across and beyond the state had gathered for the ceremony and to pay respect for one of the powerful kings of Chola Dynasty Raja Raja Cholan who built the temple nearly thousand years ago.

Despite the ceremony has the presence of thousands of people, it hadn't seen the important faces including state ministers and the state and district level political leaders. While the people celebrated and queued up to the ceremony, the leaders boycotted from keeping their presence due to the superstition that lives more than five decades around the temple. Most of the leaders believe that their political powers and popularities would be trapped under grave danger if they visit the temple. It was this superstition that let the rival parties stood at the same line of boycotting the ceremony.

Thousands of people can be seen at the temple premises during consecration ceremony - Feb 5, 2020


Tamil Nadu's Opposition party DMK, which, by its members, known as the rational party of the state had urged the state government to conduct the ceremony in Tamil. The DMK has claimed that all the temples in Tamil Nadu must uphold the Tamil language in its rituals and although the ceremony was conducted in Tamil, the party had boycotted the event and no local party leader has turned back to the ceremony. 

Our sources reveal that the state ruling and opposition parties were given with the pass to attend the ceremony but those passes had passed away after no leaders had presented in the event. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami had recently toured Tirupati temple along with family and last week, he was given the invitation to attend the consecration ceremony in Tanjore but eventually, he didn't show up to the ceremony. Most of the state ministers had rushed along with their families to worship Athi Varadar in Kancheepuram but these ministers had skipped the ceremony with the view of not getting caught up with such superstitions. 

Minister O.S.Manian during the ceremony.


Even the iron lady of the state and former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had once addressed the rally in Tanjore by setting up the stage in the manner to ignore the sight of the temple. While some of the minister and senior leaders of the ruling party had stayed in their hometowns, minister O.S.Manian stood exceptional in being the only state minister to attend the ceremony. He came to the ceremony with his family whereas DMK MP of Tanjore Palanimanickam and the local MLAs had stayed off from the ceremony.

Some of the notable faces include state BJP leaders H Raja and L Ganesan and Tamil film director and actor R Parthiepan. Amid the series of questions that were raised against ADMK and DMK, some of the local people have said that the state political parties and the leaders are still living in superstitions.