'You have betrayed me': Popular Tamil writer writes to Suriya and returns payment received for Jai Bhim!

Amid the Jai Bhim row stirred by the Vanniyar community, a popular Tamil writer, who belongs to the community, has now returned the payment he received for working in 'Jai Bhim' by alleging that Suriya and the movie team had betrayed him and defamed Vanniyars by wrongly depicting the community in the movie and the furore around the movie escalates despite the said scene was removed. 

Tamil writer Kanmani Gunasekaran took to Facebook on Saturday and issued a statement and shared a cheque leaf of Rs 50,000 that he returned back to the movie team. He has written to Jai Bhim director TJ Gnanavel and Suriya's 2D Entertainment, which has bankrolled the movie. Jai Bhim was released on November 2 directly on Amazon Prime Video and the movie was inspired by true events that happened in 1995.

Suriya has played as an advocate for the first time and he appeared as Justice Chandru, a retired High Court judge, who fought the case in 1995 when he was an advocate during which he fought for justice for a woman of Irular tribe, whose husband was tortured and killed in police custody. The movie has garnered a massive reception from across and beyond the borders and earned positive reviews. However, Jai Bhim had also caught up with controversy with the allegation of showing the Vanniyar community in a bad light. 

The Vanniyar Sangam had sent a legal notice to Suriya demanding Rs 5 crore as a compensation for degrading the community while the PMK, which enjoys a strong voter base from the Vanniyar community, had attacked the actor and the movie team for insulting the Vanniyars. On the other hand, Suriya has also received a wave of support from his fans and fraternities who expressed their solidarity in the matter. Nearly three weeks after the release of the movie, writer Kanmani Gunasekaran has come up with his letter, expressing that Suriya and the team had betrayed him.

Kanmani had worked in the movie to frame the dialogues as per the contemporary dialects of the region shown in the movie. He also alleged that when the director met him, the name of the movie was not Jai Bhim. He said, "When the director approached me for including dialects of the Nadu Nadu (Central region), I was told the title of the movie as 'Eli Vettai' (Rat Hunting). I told them that except a few names, everything suited the region and the director has accepted the change."

He identified himself as a Vanniyar and penned to 2D Entertainment that Actor Suriya is making money by instigating enmity between two communities. He further said, "People who have watched the movie and told me with anguish that Agni Kalasam (fire pot), which is the symbol of Vanniyars, was placed on a calender of a police officer (who tortures and kills Rajakannu). I was deeply shocked as there was no such scene in the copy of the movie that was given to me. If I such unfactful scene was there, I could have told you to remove or I could have denied the request of writing dialects of the movie." 

He said, "Though the calender scene was removed, my people who watched the movie and I couldn't able to accept that there are plenty of scenes which depicted Vanniyars and murderers." "You have betrayed me by making me to write dialects with a completely fake title and changing it afterwards", Kanmani added. He also claimed the deceased PMK stalwart Kaduvedi Guru as a great leader and that Suriya has ignored the questions asked by PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss. "I am living with guilty by having that salary given by you", he noted.