ADMK Muslims in frustration?

After the ADMK party has glued its support to the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) both in the parliament and on the political stage, it has been largely criticized not only by the oppositions but it also has earned agitation from the party's Muslim members who have been frustrated against the party's leadership for backing the act, our sources close to the developments say.

While thousands of Muslim men and women have been staging protests against the CAA, NRC, and NPR in Washermenpet, Chennai for the past three weeks, the Muslim members in the ADMK party have been staying off from involving in the active politics and the situation persists across the state whereas the party wing in Virudhunagar district had exposed the heat.

Muslim women in Washermenpet protesting against the CAA, NRC, and NPR in Chennai


The issue came to the spotlight after the district leaders of Virudhunagar took part in the human chain, roadblocks, and protests organized against the CAA despite the party supported the act. ADMK's city secretary Nainar and his supporters have been opposing the act. The party's senior leader had sent us the Whatsapp screenshot of the prevailing contradictions at the same party. In the Whatsapp messages, some of the party members had blamed the agitators within the camp who are voicing against the act. They accused Nainar's camp and said that no one, who took part in the meeting against Edappadi Palaniswami, can claim to be a member of the ADMK party. 

       Muslims members of various outfits marching in Chennai 


The members stated that Nainar and his supporters have been damaging the reputation of the party for personal gain despite they have been in the district level posts for more than nine years and earned crores. They have been causing disorders and exposing their disloyalty against the party. They accused the minority members of the party of taking part in the protest that was organized by the Muslim outfit against the sitting minister and district secretary KT Rajendra Balaji. They claimed that every member of the party supports CAA and by stating that Nainar and his supporters have become the well-wishers of the DMK, the members urged them to leave the party.

After the issue heated up, KT Rajendra Balaji called Nainar and asked why he has been opposing the CAA even after the Chief Minister had cleared that the act won't affect anyone. When we reached out to Nainar to understand his notions, he told us that the party is their address but their community members, who are largely Muslims, have been opposing the act and stated that he can't leave his party and his community either. He cited that former MP of the party Anwar Raja has voiced against the act and the party's leadership didn't order the members not to take part in protests against CAA.

              ADMK Minister Rajendra Balaji - File photo


He further asserted that he will be contesting in ADMK's ticket for the upcoming urban local body elections and maintained that he can't able to barricade the Muslims members if they contest the polls independently after the party refuses to award them the tickets. The sources say these ADMK Muslims have raised against the party at the high time when Edappadi Palaniswami has asked the opposition to point out a single Muslim who got affected due to the CAA.