A brand-new update from WhatsApp coming soon...How it will help you? All details here!

(This article is authored by Alar, a freelance content writer)

Time after time, WhatsApp is regularly updating its feature to give users a much better experience. With the view to augmenting user security, WhatsApp will soon be releasing a new update where users might get another tier of security. 

A new feature, known as 'Double verification code' has been designed to work for both Android and iPhone users. As the name suggests, the feature will evidently help double down on user security by requiring a second verification code before signing into a new device. Currently, WhatsApp has a single 6-digit verification code based on two-factor authentication in place for signing in to a new account. 

Earlier, the Meta-owned messaging platform has banned nearly 18 lakh accounts in the month of March and 14.26 lakh in February owing to the rise of scammers. In light of such fraudulent activities and data theft complaints, WhatsApp has introduced this Double Verification Feature, which will allow the users to stay vigil over the illegal hands that access their accounts. 

If the user has made a sign-in attempt, the application will ask the user to type the second code and access their account. Such a second verification tier will alert the users over any potentially harmful activity and prevents it before things go out of hand. If this update comes into effect, you will see WhatsApp sending out a message to the owner that his/her account is being added on another device and they will get the second verification code after some time. 

If the concerned user is really opening his/her own account on another device, they will be able to complete the process by submitting the second verification code. Or, if that was an illegal attempt by a hacker to open the victim's WhatsApp account on another device, the second code verification notice will make the real user block the process immediately. 

In the alert message, WhatsApp would say, "The number (your login number) is already being used for WhatsApp on another phone. To help make sure that your account is in your control, you must confirm another verification code. For extra security, you must wait for the timer to finish before you can send the code. When you receive the code, enter it here." 

The reports say that this feature is under development and WhatsApp is yet to announce when the feature will be launched. On the other hand, it has been reported that WhatsApp is now working on the command to edit text messages for a future update of WhatsApp beta testers. This will let users fix any typo error after a message got sent.  

It is pertinent to note that recently, WhatsApp has also released an update where users can obtain the ability to send files of more than 2 GB. It was rolled to certain users earlier. Now, it is available for all global users. This update was released with the technology updates of phones, which are coming with better cameras which generate high-resolution images and recordings. WhatsApp will also be testing another value-added feature that offers the option to rename the device for business accounts.