Does Vijay Sethupathi deserve this?

Vijay Sethupathi, who is fondly called as 'Makkal Selvan' by his fans, has been shaping himself as one of the concrete, capable, and daring actors of the Tamil Cinema which can be seen through the roles and the movies he picked and acted. Apart from being an actor, he is known for his personal connection with the people, staying close to them and voicing their concerns whenever required.

Importantly, he is a more straight forward person with the unblemished record. His fearless projection and his strong responses to end the controversy circled around him have gained more attention. If we turn up the pages of Vijay Sethupathi as an actor, we can spot the strong commitment and desire towards the roles and the precedent that he has been cementing through his audacity and versatile acting. He lived up to the role of what he took. While on stage and while addressing the reporters, he ensured to press his statements regarding cinema and politics and he quoted Periyar while he voiced against the removal of special status in Kashmir and never backed up from his notions during his press addresses. Earlier, he was conferred with the Periyar award that was awarded to him by Dravida Kazhagam Chief Veeramani and he has been seen as getting aligned with Dravidian politics.

       (L-R) Vijay Sethupathi and Vijay in Master movie


While, on one hand, he was bestowed with a huge fan following, on the other hand, he has become noticeable and gained attention on how he dotted up the controversy. His recent straight forward response holds a testament of how the actor has stood by his word. Recently, the Income-tax department had camped its raids in the residencies of Actor Vijay and the properties belong to the AGS film production company and film financier Anbu Chezhiyan. The raids carried several speculations and aired mixed reactions from the political parties.

The raids had however taken Actor Vijay close to his fans who spotted the actor at the movie shooting in NLC, Neyveli and although the IT sleuths ended up with recovering nothing from Actor Vijay, his upcoming movie 'Master' and the crew had gone through the aberrant and unexpected developments that went viral among social media handles across the state. While the fans of Vijay had sent solidarity to the actor during the IT search through social media, it also aired the semi-argumentative posts which say that the actors of the Master movie have been getting converted to Christianity through the daughter of one of the reputed educational institutions in the state.


The Social Media winged the names of the actors including Vijay Sethupathi and stated that they have been converted to Christianity while many other artists are expected to convert soon. The social media assumed that Actor Vijay is backing the daughter of the institution and this has been the prime reason why the actor has been raided. After such speculations gained the spotlight, it has spurred the anger from Vijay Sethupathi and without blaming anyone, he simply tweeted "Just go and do your job". He tweeted his response on February 12th and recently, while answering the question raised by the reporter, he pressed his statement and brought the controversy to an end.

Despite being unnecessarily trapped, his straight forward response has been reminiscent of how the actor has been in the past. He has been ensuring that his reputation must neither carry the stain of political influence nor any political affairs and his recent caught up with the controversy raises a question from his fans - Does Vijay Sethupathi deserve this?