Hindu outfit has claimed responsibility for JNU violence!

Days after one of the nation's prestigious institutions Jawaharlal Nehru University had rolled out the unprecedented violence that had painted the darkest scar to the pride of the varsity after the group of masked men had brutally attacked the students and the teachers, one of the Hindu outfits 'Hindu Raksha Dal' has, on Tuesday, claimed the responsibility behind the attack and the outfit has warned the other universities across the nation that it would encounter similar violence if the varsities promote Anti-National Activities.

Group of masked men in the campus and they can be seen holding the weapons


Hindu Raksha Dal leader Pinky Chaudhary had made a video address in which he revealed his Hindu body had unleashed the anarchy in the premises of JNU on Sunday night that had injured at least 30 people including students and professors and he has admitted the claim when the nation has been more skeptical on the intolerable attacks and thousands of students across the nation have been rolling out the protests against the attack on the JNU students.

  Hindu Raksha Dal leader Pinky Chaudhary - ANI Photo


In his address, Bhupendra Tomar who is commonly known as Pinky Chaudhary stated that the members of the Hindu outfit had stormed into the premises of JNU as the university has been carpeting anti-national and anti-Hindu activities. He further cited that JNU has been a hub for communists and the Hindu outfit won't tolerate such hubs which, as he claims, abuse the Hindu religion and the country and added that the attitude of such students is anti-national and he proclaimed that the Hindu outfit would unhesitatingly attack the universities in the nation for hosting anti-national activities.

By claiming the responsibility behind the violence, Pinky said that the students are involving in anti-national activities by living in the country and by getting the education in the country. As per the reporting from ANI, the government has been investigating the claims of Pinky Chaudhary and the Delhi police department has stated that the officials have been collecting the video footages to identify the masked men.

Students protesting in front of the JNU main gate - Jan 6, 2020


On Sunday night, about 50 masked goons had entered the campus, attacked and assaulted the students and teachers and they intentionally devasted the properties and of those severely injured was President of JNU Students' Union Aishe Ghosh and the injured people were immediately taken to the AIIMS Delhi and they were discharged on Monday. Since the videos of the arson came to the spotlight, the opposition parties, students from various universities, and activists had condemned the attack and accused ABVP and RSS of instigating such horrific violence in the university known for producing many national and international political leaders, scholars and notable people including current Union Ministers Dr. S Jaishankar and Nirmala Sitharaman.

A student can be seen carrying the placard during a rally organized in Gateway of India, Mumbai against the attacks on JNU Students- Jan 6, 2020 - PTI Photo


The opposition parties had blamed the Center for crushing the students' rights to dissent. Union HRD and Home Ministries have directed the JNU administration and the Delhi Police to table the report. The claim of the Hindu outfit has come amidst the RSS and ABVP have strongly been accused of threatening the students by having the power.

JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh addressing the reporters - Jan 6, 2020- ANI Photo


JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh has, on Monday, stated that 'Every iron rod used against the students will be given back by debate and discussion. JNU's culture will not be eroded anytime soon. JNU will uphold its democratic culture' and added that 'yesterday's attack was an organized attack by goons of RSS and ABVP. Since the past 4-5 days, violence was being promoted in the campus by some RSS affiliated professors and ABVP' and by condemning the violence, she urged the removal of the Vice-Chancellor. On Monday evening, the students and teachers of JNU form a human chain with the view of protesting against the violence.

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