'Honk more, wait more' - Here's how Mumbai mutes its reckless honkers!

The city of Mumbai would seemingly be staying off from being one of the noisiest cities in the world as the city's traffic police department had finally come up with the initiative that would certainly mute the reckless honkers.

Mumbai is one of the largest metro cities in India which usually witness heavy traffic during the peak hours and but however, the drivers and riders of the city have never got used to it and they have become imprudent honkers on the road as they barely wished to stay on the signals and these reckless honkers had cause major issue to the city and to the traffic but it has been going through with no strick actions in place to regulate and to reduce the honking.

                  Traffic in Mumbai - File photo


After a long wait of bearing the honkers, the traffic police department has, on Friday, unleashed its new initiative that would mute the honkers and would reduce the sky-piercing horn sounds in the city. The police department had introduced the initiative called 'The Punishing Signal' and this anti-honkers initiative has been installed in some of the hectic traffic signals of the city. The traffic police department revealed the initiative through its official Twitter handle and carried a warning of what will happen if they get their hands near to the horn in the traffic signals.

The Punishing Signal - the new initiative that would mute the honkers in Mumbai


This is how its works...the traffic department had connected the decibel meters to the traffic signal poles at CSMT, Marine Drive, Peddar Road, Bandra, and Hindmata and these decibel meters would trace and access the noise or sound levels by measuring the sound pressure. Whenever the decibel levels of these signals cross 85 dB due to more horn sounds, the signal would automatically reset and stay red for longer...so whenever the honkers horn more, the time of the red signal would increase and they need to wait for more time.

The digital board displaying 'Honk more, Wait more' in Mumbai


Their horns would play an important role from now on towards passing the signals as the signals won't turn green unless the decibel level decreased below 85 dB. As part of testing the initiative, they installed the decibel meters and with no surprise, the honkers waited for more time after the meter gone above 85. Although most of the people had welcomed it, some had claimed that it would cause delays for the ambulances and fire engines as the sirens of these emergency vehicles would also be recorded by the decibel meters.


In its video, Mumbai traffic police had described Mumbai as the honking capital of the world and stated that the people of the city honk even the signal is red by thinking that they can turn the signal to green faster. Through the video, the police have let the honkers know that they need to wait for more time if they honk more and the video ends by stating that "Feel free to honk if you don't mind waiting".