Justice for Fathima Latheef: Fathima's father opens up amidst the CBI probe!

It has been two months now since Fathima Latheef, the IIT Madras student had committed suicide on the premises of the prestigious institution. Her death had spurred the anger and anxieties among the students across the country who had demanded justice for her death and to exhume the mystery behind her death. The investigations into her death had seen the involvement of various probing teams as initially, the probe was carried out by Kotturpuram police department in Chennai following which it was transferred to the Central Crime Branch and last month, from the directive of the Central government, the probe has been shifted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Despite the multiple handovers, the case hadn't installed with the promising grounds for investigations and at this high time, we sat down with Fathima's father Abdul Latheef while he came to Chennai to meet with CBI authorities and when we asked about the sudden transfer of the probe to CBI from Central Crime Branch (CCB), he said that the head of the special team of CCB Eswaramoorthy stated that 75% of the investigations into her daughter's death had completed and asserted that the police will arrest those responsible behind Fathima's death after which he was told that the probe has been shifted to CBI. By citing that the family hasn't asked for the CBI probe, Abdul Latheef has said that the family has kept hope on Eswaramoorthy's team.

      Abdul Latheef, father of Fathima of Latheef - File photo


He added that he had met from the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Opposition leaders to the Union Home Minister and Prime Minister with the view of seeking justice to his daughter and stated that the case would have been buried if Media hasn't kept the spotlight on the investigations.

By quizzing about his claim of accusing the police of earthing the truth over Fathima's death, we asked him to name the professors whom Fathima had named in her suicide note for which Abdul Latheef has underlined the names of three professors -Sudharshan Padmanabhan, Hemachandran Karah, and Milind Brahme as these names are mentioned in the suicide note written by Fathima before hanging herself to death and he cited that despite the forensic examination had proved the note to be true, the management of IIT Madras had failed to initiate action against these professors and he claimed that the media from Tamil Nadu and Kerala has been aiding him towards demanding justice for Fathima.

       Fathima Latheef (center) with her parents - File photo


When asked about what could be the reason that instigated the death of Fathima, Abdul Latheef has expressed that she came through mental tortures and harassments that were ratified in her suicide note and he further claimed that there are high possibilities that her mobile phone would be having the supporting information in the case but it has been with Kotturpuram police department and since the case has been transferred to CBI, the mobile phone and the laptop have been resting on the table of CBI authorities.

He notified that Fathima's laptop doesn't hold the information regarding the religious harassments but she had told the family that there were episodes of religious harassment in the institute that she could have recorded on her mobile phone. He concluded by expressing his hope on the CBI probe in seeking justice for Fathima Latheef.