'Let's not forget our farmers': Actor Karthi pens scathing letter to urge the Center to repeal farm bills!

Actor Karthi, who is advocating for preserving the farmers' rights and environment besides being one of the ace Kollywood actors, has on Thursday sent solidarity to the protesting farmers in Delhi and penned a scathing letter to urge the Central government to ear the voices of the farmers and to affirm the grounds of free and independent markets for the farmers. 

Karthi is the founder of Uzhavan Foundation, a charitable entity that works to stand with the farmers and to give hope and honor to them. Karthi took to Twitter on Thursday and posted the statement of his response to the farmers' protests. By tweeting "Let's not forget the farmers", Karthi said, "The Indian farmers, who are struggling to feed our hunger every day, have been protesting in Delhi under broad daylight for a week by braving extreme winter and Corona outbreak with their sole identity of a 'farmer'". 

"As women have also been majorly contributing to the agricultural sector, a larger group of women farmers have also been taking part in the protest, which had become an unprecedented event. The news of protesting farmers, who are bravely agitating even at the stage of knowing each day is important for their livelihoods and leaving their farms, families, and cattle behind, and by traveling for longer distances, are shaking each and everyone's heart", the actor penned. 

The actor further stated, "While the farming community has already been facing difficulties over the dearth of water resources, distress caused by natural calamities, not having the guarantee for a minimum price for their produces and other issues, the farmers' think that they would even face more ardent difficulties due to the three farm bills introduced by the government". 

The actor penned, "Their demand has been to repeal these three bills as they fear that these bills would transfer the ownership, the rights that they have on their soil, and their power in marketing their produce would be transferred to private businessmen. So, the Central government would hear their voices and should consider their demands. The expectation from people is the government should affirm the grounds of free and independent trade for the farmers. We urge the government to fulfill the expectation without any delay". 

Earlier, Karthi has staunchly voiced against the Center's Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020, which the activists said would be menacing the environment and the people attached in its surroundings. Karthi's statement of sending solidarity to peasants has come at a high time when thousands of farmers' from several parts of the country have been protesting in Delhi for the seventh straight day with their sole demand of urging the Center to repeal the three controversial farm bills. The farmers had vowed to intensify the agitation if the Center fails to meet their demand. 

The farmers -largely from northern states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh have been staging an unprecedented scale of protests in the national capital and they had blocked the highways across Delhi. They have been protesting amid the talks with the Central government to reach an amicable resolution to end the protests. The Central government had tabled the first round of talks with the farmers on Tuesday. However, the talks had concluded without reaching any conclusions and the Center had said that the second round of talks will take place on December 3. 

As announced, the Center had convened the second round of talks on Thursday that was attended by Union Ministers Narendra Singh Tomar and Piyush Goyal and the representatives representing the protesting farmers. However, the talks between the farmers and the center had ended without reaching a consensus and the next round of talks has been scheduled for Saturday.