Is Puducherry government collapsing? The ruling party MLA lights the revolt!

It has been a hectic term in office for Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanaswamy as he has been sailing his government's ship against the wave of Kiran Bedi's governorship for the past four years and at this crucial time, the ruling party MLA had ignited the revolt in the government that would enhance the drift leading to the collapse of the Puducherry government.

Our sources close to the developments reveal that the words of war and heated accusations between Narayanaswamy and Kiran Bedi have been causing major discrepancies and lapses in the government mechanisms towards working for people's welfare as their fight had largely enhanced the deficit of the government that it has been suffering to cure the patients admitted in the government hospitals. The sources have stated that the hospitals of the state have been running out of the medicines.

On January 9th, ruling party MLA Dhanavelu had rolled out the protests against the Congress government by claiming that the Bagur medical facility in Puducherry is not equipped with life-saving medicines and parameters and the emergency vehicles of the facility aren't in the accessible stage after having no sufficient fuel to transport the patients. The MLA had assembled the people and voiced against the government and while addressing the reporters, Dhanavelu said that the government administration has been disrupted for the past three years and accused that Narayanaswamy doesn't possess the leadership skills to run the government and urged the Chief Minister to step down from his post.

Dhanavelu, the MLA of Congress party who revolted the dispute - ANI photo


Following his protest, Dhanavelu had met with Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi and tabled his petition against the Chief Minister and after the party's MLA had torched the revolt, Chief Minister Narayaswamy and Congress leader Namasivayam traveled to Delhi and discussed with party's interim president Sonia Gandhi about the odd developments from the ruling party and after they returned to Puducherry, the Congress party had announced that Bagur MLA Dhanavelu has been temporarily suspended from the party after revolting against the ruling government.

When we asked ruling party's whip Anandaraman about the ongoing uncertainty, he said that Dhanavelu has been dormant for the past two years and he holds no quality to criticize the Chief Minister or the government led by him. Anandaraman accused Dhanavelu of working with the party's rival leader N Rangaswamy to form the new government and stated that his accusations lack credibility as he has been enjoying the power for the past four years.

(L-R) Narayanaswamy and Kiran Bedi - File photo


With having such a statement, we questioned Dhanavelu to know his response and he stated that the Chief Minister and the state ministers have been attempting to paralyze him from the party and by citing that he didn't betray Congress party, he claimed that the party has no right to remove him and he further quizzed on what's wrong in voicing against the corruption committed by the Chief Minister and the state ministers. He further added that he would meet the Gandhis and disclose the documents related to the corruption and he asserted that if the party's central leadership fails to take action against them, he would approach the CBI with all the evidence.

After the revolt, the Puducherry's unit of ADMK had demanded the Chief Minister to resign as he has lost the majority in the house and he must step down by taking responsibility for the corruption and its certain that for the past four years, Narayaswamy has been moving his government with back to back problems and this one opens the mark for this year.