₹ 2,274 crores fine on Google in a span of a week! CCI slaps for abusing its dominant position...

(This article is authored by Alar)

Google has been fined a second penalty of Rs 937.44 crore in India after the company was accused of abusing its dominant position in the market. The latest fine is a significant amount for Google to shell out as it comes after the Competition Commission on Thursday slapped a Rs. 1337.76 crore fine on it for abusing its dominant position on mobile devices using the Android platform.

"Google has been given 30 days to provide the requisite financial details and supporting documents," the CCI order said. Following last week's CCI fine, Google stated on Friday that the sanction was "a major setback for Indian consumers and businesses" and that the company would review the ruling to determine the appropriate course of action.

The CCI announced a Rs 937 crore fine against Google in a public statement on Tuesday. Google was also requested to "not restrict app developers from using third-party billing/payment processing services", taking the total penalty to ₹ 2,274 crore.

Following allegations that the company had abused its dominant position in the market, it was hit with a second penalty of Rs 937.44 crore in India over a short period of time. The business stated in a statement: "Indian developers have benefited from the technology, security, consumer protections, and unrivaled choice and flexibility that Android and Google Play provide,"

"And by keeping costs low, our model has powered India's digital transformation and expanded access for hundreds of millions of Indians. We remain committed to our users and developers and are reviewing the decision to evaluate the next steps, " added the statement.

The Google Play Store policies state that to accept payments for apps distributed or sold through the Google Play Store and for some in-app purchases, app developers must only use Google Play's Billing System (GPBS). Google has 30 days to submit the required financial information and supporting documentation.