Suriya to Vijay Sethupathi...How OTT platforms broke the myth?

(This article is authored by Alar, a freelance content writer)

Pandemic impacted our lives in many ways, especially in movies. Schools, colleges, and companies closed. It's all made up the people to sit comfortably in sofas with the internet in one hand. On one side, lockdown closed the theatre doors but opened the OTT door.   

Before Lockdown, OTT streams are low, mainly in India. But Velocity MR study states that nearly 60% growth in subscriber base during the lockdown in Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. It's a boon or a curse? 

Usually, theatres will be in treated in the way of celebrating a temple during Diwali times. Fans will be yearning for their favorite actor's movie release. But sadly, pandemic hits very inadequately in the celebration. Notable and popular actor's movies have got and getting released on OTT platforms.  

Fearing that the OTT would not be as welcoming as theatre, the film crew released the film on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Zee5. But the audience response didn't end in a bad way. The recent release of "Soorarai Pottru" in Amazon Prime Video broke the myth, that the theatre response is the best. 

The film, which continued to topped the charts, surpassing a million streams just like that. Another movie that gave a greater impact is Ka Pae Ranasingam, which is streaming on Zee5 since November 6.  Everywhere in social media, eyes never failed to catch a few comments, where fans say, 'It will be better if we watch this movie in theatre'. 

To some fans, it seems that they still wish to watch their favorite movies in theatres by crossing over the comfort of watching the movie from home. They need the ambiance of a big screen. Before the OTT trend, the quality of the films on the pirated websites was low as they had to make a copy from the theatres in the past.  

Now that theft is from online OTT sites, piracy websites are giving away new same HD quality. In these circumstances, VPF issues had been hot between Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association. QUBE and UFO firms announced that VPF will be waived off for this November 2020 to support producers and exhibitors. Bharathiraja agreed to release the movies in theatres during this time period. 

Hopefully, it will be cool for fans for a few time periods. But will the trend of OTT fade away, once the pandemic is over?