Techie's brand new initiative in educational sector!

Paytm, one of the leading technology companies which has launched much welcomed e- commerce payment platform and a digital wallet in India is now stepping into educational sector which aims to offer handful of services which will aide the students as well as parents communities. 

This brand new initiative will focus on giving career guidance for the students after they did their schooling from which college they choose as per their education and which college offers courses as per their interest. Reports say that the software techie company have drafted a database of nearly 25,000 colleges across the nation.The secondary step aims to establish a common platform between Paytm and educational institutions where the student can pay their fees through Paytm which the institutions will accept and adding to that, the students will find supportive database which will support them in various streams like coaching, form filling and preparations for exams.

One of the main hindrance the students and parents ought to face is acquiring the educational loans to continue the studies. In India, its been widely acknowledged as acquiring the educational loans from the public and private sector banks is becoming difficult and time consuming despite of proper documentation and submission of requirements. Paytm hopes that it will find alternative ways on these issues and making it simple in acquiring educational loan.

Paytm had furiously established tie up in some of the notable organizations and institutions such as VIT, Manipal, Amity University, Indian navy, Army public schools and National testing agency.