Whatsapp to soon allow users to edit messages... How it will work? All details here!

(This article is authored by Alar)

In order to better serve its users, WhatsApp, one of the most widely used instant messaging apps, has recently implemented a number of updates. The company, which is now owned by Meta, reportedly has a feature in development that will allow users to edit previously sent messages after they have been sent. Currently, selecting "Delete for everyone" is the only way to undo a previously sent message that contained an error.

With this new upcoming feature, all of the edited messages will have an "Edited" label in the conversation window. A similar approach can be found in Apple's iMessage, where users are given 15 minutes to revise their messages. While the feature will initially only apply to text messages, the report did note that the company may add some editing options for photo captions as well in a future update of the app. Once sent, users can go back and change the captions on their media.

Beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and desktop have had this capability for some time. According to the most recent report from WaBetaInfo, the iOS version is undergoing the changes currently for this anticipating feature.  The report added that the feature is currently under development and not ready to be released to all users. As per the report, downloading the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone has enabled the option to edit messages for a handful of testers.

There was just a new version of the WhatsApp iPhone app released, and the update enabled picture-in-picture mode for WhatsApp video calls on iOS devices. The video call can continue in the background while users switch apps on their iPhones and the firm is still developing the feature. Interestingly, The Meta-owned site has also been developing a newsletter function to make it easier for content makers to reach a wide audience. As a rough guide, this function is intended to resemble Telegram's channels.