The Motorbike riders of this Indian city hate wearing helmets!

Indian city of Pune, one of the developing cities of Technology, is somehow managing to be an exceptional in abiding the Indian rule which mandates every Indian motorbike riders to wear helmet while on drive.

The traffic law enforcement officials are hunting the ways to ease their difficulties and political interference in penalizing the violators for not wearing the helmet, which is one of the safety measures in on-road drives.

Pune is been spotted as one of top cities in India to record most number of road accidents by having one of the highest numbers of two wheeler in the entire nation. The reports say that Pune alone amounts nearly 2.5 million two wheeler usage and the city had more than 1000 fatalities in last five years who died due to road accidents and only handful of victims were seen wearing helmets, which clearly pictures how the city hates the system of wearing helmets.

The recent government order issued by the state Chief minister where it had directed the city's traffic law enforcement to send the notices of fine to the violators and offenders instead of barricading them on road. The order has come after the city's legislators had accused the traffic police officials for harassing the people on road with the name of helmet enforcement drive.

The activists in the city say, ahead of passing such order from the state government, over half of the city motorbike riders have seen driving without wearing helmet. The Pune residents had expressed their uncertainty against the traffic police when implementing the mandatory law. Some localities went to the extreme of organizing rallies and staging protests against the traffic police where they had performed mock funerals of helmets.

Some of the protesters who oppose this mandatory system claim that the people of Sikh community is enjoying freedom of not wearing helmet in the middle of already worn turbans and argue that they also enjoy same sets of freedom.

The city of Pune had seen unusual practice of protest on the matter which rest of the nation tries to implement and follow. One of the city's advocate had contested in the last Parliamentary elections by having only manifesto of banning helmets.

On the other side of the aisle, the traffic police department is keen in getting the city to wear the helmet without fail, the Deputy commissioner of the traffic unit says that the people argues against wearing helmets which creates frustration for the traffic cops to enforce the law. The police also announced the reward for the citizens who no where had violated the traffic rules with the aim of spreading awareness of the people who live in developed city.

Eventually, the police had ought to implement the order of the Chief minister rather the fining the commuters on road who violates the traffic rules.

Some of the balanced citizens had accused the fellow citizens living in the middle of the city which had witnessed massive transformation of infrastructure and technology, of driving cars and riding motorbikes without knowing the rules and behaviors while on the road.