Which type of lover you are? Love during the lockdown!

One constant thing that makes people go crazy in life is love. People can be without anything but love. As the country is in a crisis called Covid-19 and everyone is locked inside the house similar to a 'Bigg Boss' show, how does love evolve between men and women during this period? 

Long-distance love

For those who are used to loving through social media due to their geographical distance, a lockdown is no big deal. For them, hugs and kisses through WhatsApp seem real and this feeling is mutual. Long-distance lovers continue texting and calling and they feel no special burden now except that their parents are near them always.

Emergence of love

The newly married couples have a lot of time at home now to understand each other. They might miss the honeymoon fun on a hill station but they could find this time precious to be together at home, talk, and know their strengths. There is space for the conversations to turn into heated arguments but remember, this is too early to find faults.

Recently addicted

People who fall under this category are those who got committed just before the lockdown. The pain of not being able to meet their sweetheart shows in their WhatsApp and Facebook status even if they try to hide. To wait for someone you truly love is actually a great feeling and this is a test of how long a guy/girl can be in a serious, crazy love even without meeting each other. It's all about consistency. 

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Waiting to tie the knot

Be it love or arranged. The marriage is fixed. You are all set to begin your life with a new partner. Just before the wedding, the nation all of a sudden goes into a complete lockdown and your marriage is postponed. Ain't be painful? As said for lovers, this is also a 'sweet waiting' and here is a chance for people to love his/her partner's qualities more with the help of technology before things get official and responsible.

The actual couple

In India, there is a saying that people don't love each other after they are married for a few years. Is that a fact? In this nationwide lockdown, a lot of people work from home and many have lost their earning sources. When you are forced into such depression and you are responsible for running a family, it's not always easy to share the love with your partner who is with you 24*7 now. But once this lockdown is lifted, we will be back to our robotic lifestyle and it is important to make use of this time to show our love and appreciation to the soul that lives with us and for us. 

On the parallel world, a recent report from UNICEF says there will be a 'baby boom' this year as seven million unwanted pregnancies are expected due to the Corona lockdown.